What is the best cleaning method for antivirus?

Katie Coolick , a female caster who was also selected by TIME magazine as '100 most influential people in the world', is scientifically about home cleaning at P & G, the world's largest manufacturer of consumer goods such as detergents and cosmetics 'The best way to clean your home for virus protection' is explained by Mr. Morgan Blusher, a researcher.

How to Actually Clean and Disinfect Your Home Right Now

Although the American Center for Disease Control and Management claims that hand washing is the most important thing to prevent new coronaviruses, Mr. Blusher is also important to thoroughly clean the touched parts of the house to prevent virus infection. I said. As a detergent used for such cleaning, Mr. Blusher recommends P & G's kitchen detergent ' Dawn '. 'Dawn can remove not only the stains on tableware, but also the daily stains, oils, and dirt that accumulate on all surfaces of objects in the house,' he said.

In response to Mr. Kurick's question, 'Where should I clean my house?', Mr. Blusher answered, 'Where you spend a lot of time and get together, you should clean it.' He said that the 'entrance' is usually the dirtiest, although it may not be true now that more people are isolating their homes. In other places, the kitchen and bathroom are dirty because many people use them.

Continuing on, Mr. Blusher advised to disinfect objects such as doorknobs, light switches, counters, table tops, remote controls, etc. that are touched by hands with a “virus effective disinfectant”. The US Environmental Protection Agency has

listed products containing hypochlorous acid and hydrogen peroxide as effective disinfectants against new coronaviruses. The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has announced that '0.05% sodium hypochlorite bleach is effective for disinfection' and how to make 0.05% sodium hypochlorite.

Blusher points out that 70% or more alcoholic solutions are also effective at disinfecting the surface of objects. However, Mr. Blusher emphasizes that 'at least 70% alcohol concentration is required.' Regarding the cleaning and disinfecting of smartphones, we pointed out that electronic devices are sensitive to moisture, and recommended that you only wipe the surface with a disinfectant sheet.

'More people are eating at home than they were before the pandemic,' Kuhlic said, asking about 'how to keep dishes clean.' In response to this question, Mr. Blusher recommended washing the dishes with hot water immediately after eating or immediately putting them in the dishwasher. In addition, I encouraged people not to share cups and tableware with others.

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