A thorough comparison on which semi-automatic driving system of Tesla's "Autopilot" and GM "SuperCruise" is superior

Although establishing complete automatic driving technology still takes time, the "semi" automatic driving system such as Tesla's "Autopilot" has the effect of surely reducing the burden on the driver and in order to improve safety Is becoming indispensable technology as well. About Tesla's Autopilot, which introduced the semi-automatic driving system on public roads ahead of other companies, and "SuperCruise" introduced by the giant car maker GM with luxury car Cadillac, Alex Roy of The Drive Mr. Mr. thoroughly compares and evaluates its superiority and inferiority.

The Battle for Best Semi-Autonomous System: Tesla Autopilot Vs. GM SuperCruise, Head-to-Head - The Drive

Tesla's semi-automatic driving function "Autopilot" can be used with Model S, Model X, Model 3. However, Model 3's Autopilot has changed the user interface (UI), he says Roy says he thinks it is a different system. So it seems to be using Autopilot of Model S · X version with better UI this time. Since GM's semi-automatic operation function "SuperCruise" can be used only with Cadillac CT 6 at the present time, CT6 is used for comparison test.

◆ Operational Domain
"Operational Domain (OD)" is a term used to indicate in which situation the semiautomatic operation function (operation assist function) works. The fact that the OD is large means that there are many situations where semiautomatic operation functions can be used frequently, and conversely when the OD is small, it is more restrictive that the semiautomatic operation function can be used.

Autosilot of Tesla said that it works pretty well if the camera and radar facing forward are in good sight. However, this seems to be both the strength and weakness of Autopilot, Roy thinks that the driver can not understand the limit of OD clearly, so that there may be confidence in the system.

In contrast, GMLIDARYou can use high resolution map data acquired using. Although GM's SuperCruise mapping is not perfect, Mr. Roy says it is an excellent one that works very accurately if it limits around Los Angeles. Nonetheless, he seems to have geographical problems such as not working well in a very limited scene in New York.

While GM has released an advertised road map that SuperCruise accepts and places an order that it should be able to check it on the in-vehicle display, it also sets SuperCruise as a victory over OD as regards OD.

◆ Function update
Tesla's Autopilot, Software UpdateOTAIt has the advantage of being able to do with. The frequency of updates by OTA is also very high, and there is no need for users to interfere with updating.

On the other hand GM's SuperCruise is impossible to update with OTA. GM claims to update every quarter, but we need to do the work at the dealer. The dealer is in a franchise agreement with GM, and because it is not under the jurisdiction, there are many disappearances. Although GM's dealer is generally good, Roy says it is victorious to Autopilot, assuming that the update work at the dealer is a thing of the past, OTA is the future.

◆ Visibility of the mode
This is a view from the driver 's seat of Autopilot. "How can we know if Autopilot is running?" Roy says that poor recognition of modes is one of Autopilot's biggest weaknesses.

A view of SuperCruise. Green indicates semi-automatic operation mode by SuperCruise.

If the driver manually lane changes the blue

A red warning is displayed at the beginning when SuperCruise is canceled.

It is like this when SuperCruise is released.

Recognition of the mode is SuperCruise's victory.

Ease of system ON
Autopilot's introduction method only draws the cruise control on the left of the steering column twice while a gray handle icon is displayed on the display. You hear a sound, you can see that Autopilot is turned on.

In the case of SuperCruise, it is conditional that radar cruise control is already in a valid state. If you press the Super Cruise button, the mode will start.

Mr. Roy is handling Autopilot for good operability.

◆ Warning system for forced release
Semi-automatic driving function may be forcibly canceled depending on road conditions. At this time, the system "TWS" which warns the system release is added to the driver. Both Autopilot and SuperCruise blink the dashboard visually to inform you of forced release, but SuperCruise has a function to vibrate the seat, so SuperCruise seems to lead by this point.

◆ hands-free operation
According to Mr. Roy, the first Autopilot was very good, he said he was able to drive away from the steering wheel for 30 minutes. However, Tesla said that "Autopilot does not use hands off the handle" and changes the policy and basically forces to place hands on the steering wheel.

On the contrary, Mr. Roy says that SuperCruise is a more comprehensive and superior one that releases its hand from the handle during semi-automatic operation mode and grasps the handle when driving by himself. That's why SuperCruise wins in a hands-on operation.

◆ Driver monitoring system
Autopilot does not have a driver monitoring system (DMS). This point alone SuperCruise 's victory. Of course, because DMS is included, safety is not guaranteed, but Mr. Roy thinks that it is certainly a useful function and should be installed in all cars with or without semi-automatic driving function. For Tesla who has been leading semi-automatic driving functions since it was released two years ago, Mr. Roy points out that DMS is an area completely delayed by other companies.

◆ Lane change
Autopilot can change the lane automatically, SuperCruise can not do lane change automatically. However, Mr. Roy says Tesla can not be said to be superior by itself.

In Autopilot, as soon as the lane change is made manually, the mode is canceled and it is necessary to turn Autopilot ON again. SuperCruise, on the other hand, enters standby mode when changing the lane manually. Semi-automatic operation mode will be continued as soon as the lane change is completed, so there is no inconvenience.

Until a truly safe car line change system is realized, Roy says that SuperCruise's idea is perfect.

◆ situation recognition
The following image shows display of model S equipped with 1st generation of Autopilot one year ago. You can see that the camera recognizes the road signs and that the cars are running in groups ahead of you.

When Autopilot is activated, the handle icon lights up as shown below. It is obvious that the lane on the left is lit and that it recognizes the lane. It is understood that it is running in a state with high reliability.

The lane does not light The following images seem to be a little unreliable in a situation where we depend on the front truck and are driving semi-automatically.

After that, Tesla changed the display in the 2nd generation Autopilot called HW2, and it seems that there were changes such as two-wheeled vehicles displayed as automobile, but Mr. Roy felt that the first-generation display was superior It is said that it is.

On the other hand, the information display of SuperCruise is as follows.

In the CT6 which does not have a huge central display like a Tesla car, a small car is displayed next to the tachometer, there is no clue to indicate whether the system is in a reliable situation.

That is why Autopilot is excellent in recognition of the situation.

◆ Radar Cruise
The most dissatisfying point of the radar cruise control function that runs while maintaining a constant distance from the vehicle running ahead is that another vehicle will come in between the cars so that the car is too much space, Roy says. Even with Autopilot which can set the minimum distance between cars, SuperCruise which can increase distance between cars can not completely prevent interruption of other vehicles.

However, due to the characteristic of EV, Tesla cars are excellent in torque and are very good at recovering when decelerating, and thanks to that they can make the delay smaller than CT6 equipped with 3L V6 twin turbo engine. In addition, gears are indispensable for CT 6 with internal combustion engine, and it seems that stress will be applied by a sudden interruption if gear change does not go smoothly.

That's why Autopilot won about radar cruises.

◆ Lane keep function
According to Mr. Roy, SuperCruise's lane keep assist system is said to be innovative at a level where the steering input is calm and it does not feel uneasy at all. Compared to that, Autopilot is to feel tense. I am raising the rank to SuperCruise with a slight difference.

◆ Which is better?
Mr. Roy says that "The Cadillac's driver surveillance system / map has Cadillac's driver surveillance system · map, has a good condition recognition of Tesla cars, UI, has radar cruise control function", and Mr. Roy said both autopilot and SuperCruise have both advantages Yes, the answer depends on what the user emphasizes.

Nonetheless, it is a pity that GM does not appeal this feature so much, if Roy says it is highly appreciated about the performance of GM's SuperCruise. Even in the announcement for investors, Mary Rose CEO does not touch SuperCruise, and he seems to have already given up already. Mr. Roy seems to feel that other companies are closely watching the trend of GM, and if it is supposed to burial SuperCruise, advancement of technology of semi-automatic driving system is also bad.

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