24 strange sculptures that do not let gravity feel

Twenty-four mysterious sculptures not feeling gravity, as though they ignored the gravitational force of the earth, are featured in the site TheMindCircle which publishes interesting images and movies of the world.

24 Gravity-Defying Sculptures That Will Amaze You

01: The Force of Nature
Works where iron balls are floating with a body like a hammer throw.

The authorLorenzo QuinnMr. and the motif of the work is "a god who wants to dismiss all kinds of disasters". The idea of ​​the work was born inspired by Quinn's scenes of coast devastated by Thailand's hurricane.

BySarfraz Abbasi

Looking at the picture that approached the iron ball, it seems that it will fly with centrifugal force.

ByStewart Lacey

02: Wire Fairies
It is a fairy who has dandelion's fluff, and iron wire is used as a work material. The creation procedure will thin the fleshy bones and muscles after making the foundation of the skeleton.

Author Robin Wight said that he was inspired of this work when he was walking about a hobby forest several years ago.

The fairies can be made by themselves. DIY kit on the InternetorderI can do it.

03: Wursa
The author is Daniel Firman (@ dianiel_firman_studio). Although it is a work focusing on the power that the elephant stands on, the height of the technology can be confirmed from the texture of the image and the part where the modeling is reproduced. This work is exhibited at Fontainebleau Castle in France.

04: Trans Ī Re
I do not know the reason why power does not enter the body of men, but only the birds are desperately carrying it. The author of this work is an artist from Oslo's National Academy of Fine Arts in Norway,Fredrik RaddumMr. Works in the Danish galleryHans Alf GalleryIs handled in.

05: Floating Stone
I feel a fear that a floating stone is about to fall, but there is a charm that I want to touch a wonder. This work is being exhibited at Cairo International Airport in Egypt, the author is Smaban Abbas.

06: Coffee Kiss
It is as if the soul lived in coffee. The gloss like liquid is due to the pottery of the material.

The author is Johnson Tsang, an artist based in Hong Kong. According to Mr. Tsang "Coffee Kiss" is not actually a work title,Common nameAnd that.

There is even more impact when you look at the movie with motion added.

Posted by Johnson Tsang (@ johnson_tsang_artist)-

07: Take My Lighting But Do not Steal My Thunder
The lower half of the building is gone. The authorAlex ChinneckMr

Looking at the work from the side, you can see that a part of the building is quiet so that it can be scraped off, and the upper half of the building is floating in the air.

08: Les Voyageurs
Author is a French artistBruno CatalanoMr. and the image is "a man who expanded time and space infinitely." This work will be in the city of France in Marseille in 2009Built, It is part of the city.

In addition, there is another male sculpture of the same touch which is already next to the work.

09: Wurf VI
The author, a combination of two artists "Anna Borgman And Candy Lenk"Members are Denmark-born Borgman and German-born Lenk.

A rock with a size of 2.5 meters is a work that is stationary on a dwelling 25 meters high.

According to the author, In this work it is intended as "intention to gain peace of mind that after seeing the work, feeling that a disaster can not be avoided and feeling the pain, actually it is not a real rock" It is said that it is woven.

10: Book Sculptures
It is a sculpture made of 5000 books. The book overflows like a avalanche from the window.

The following images are works of different places. As people gather around sculpture, you can see the huge of the work and the singularity of the world created by the work.

The following images are works of another place.

When you look at the photographs taken while approaching, you can see at a glance that the work consists of a large number of books.

The inside of the work is a hollow, and it seems that it is supported by a metal framework. Artist who is from the Spanish artist who is posing in the centerAlicia MartinMr.

The following movies contain sculptures of people gathering, and you can see in a single shot what kind of state the exhibits were displayed, including the appearance of the book's page flying in the wind.

Alicia Martin Biografias - YouTube

11: Hyper-Realistic Illusions Carved Out Of Wood
It is as if the cloth is alive. Author'sTom EckertAccording to Mr., the material is made of wood, not cloth.

The way to make it is to scrape the material's tree and color it. Tools such as spray guns and brushes, paint uses water lacquer.

Mr. Eckert said that he has produced many works on the theme of "cloth".

According to Mr. Eckert, cloth is used to "hide things" in the church and reminds me of my childhood when I went to church.

12: De Vaartkapoen
Works stood on the streets of Belgium in 1985. The author is a sculptorTom FrantzenMr. Manhole lid opens, from thereDe VaartkapoenA young rebel who is named a surprise shoot out like a box and is turning a policeman overturns expressing "turning over the power".

A photograph taken from sculpture from the front is like this. The policeman is about to fall down.

Bynik gaffney

When you look at the picture with the face up, you can see well that the policeman who is expressing power is surprised.


13: Window With Ladder - Too Late For Help
The windows and the outer wall are floating in the air, and the ladder is hanging. This work was published in 2008 by artists from ArgentinaLeandro ErlichMr. created.

When you play the following movies, you can see the strange atmosphere that floating windows brings up in a single shot.

"Window and Ladder - Too Late for Help" by Artist Leandro Erlich at Prospect.1 - YouTube

14: Balancing Sculptures
I use the chair on the rope and I am well balanced. The author is an artist from PolandJerzy KędzioraMr.

In another work, it is stationary in the air with an exquisite balance in the wheel of the gymnastics exercise. Mr. Jerzy Kędziora also presents works that are balanced while performing acrobatics and gymnastics on the rope.

15: Car Sculptures
Three cars are running straight ahead of the sky. The author is BritishGerry JudahMr.

Another work depicts a parabola that a classic racing car crosses the building.

I run through the empty circuit all the time.

16: Pentateuque
Author is a French-born artistFabien MérelleMr. and one man is supporting his great image with full power. The height of the work is about 5 meters, the material is silicon.Hong Kong economic newspaperAccording to the work "The man is a humorous modeling that it carries an elephant many times larger than myself, representing people who are suffering from external social pressures such as faith, culture, society, and sharp to the viewer It is aiming for the question "to ask. The work is exhibited in the Empress Statue Square in the Central area.


17: The Virgins Of Apeldoorn
It is an image of a woman lying in the air. It seems like I'm asleep on an invisible bed.

The entire work is composed of three women who lie in the same way in the same way and is exhibited in a Dutch park. The author is Dutch artist Elisabet Stienstra.

18: Monte-Meubles, L'Ultime Déménagement
height10 metersThe outer wall and the window of the white building are floating in the air of the air, and the table is carried to the window using the ladder. This work is an art event held in Nantes, the city of Western FranceLe voyage a Nantes(Travel to Nantes) ". The authors are Argentinian writers,Leandro ErlichMr.

19: Stone Balancing
With stones standing only in balance, there is no balance assistance such as adhesive. The stone on the top seems to be floating in the air because the balance is too exquisite. Author'sAdrian GrayIn the field of art that pile up this stone "Stone Balance Thing" or "Rock Balancing"pioneerAnd that.

When you play the following movie, you can see Mr. Gray stacking stones.

Stone age man - Adrian Gray balancing stones on Lyme Regis beach - YouTube

20: Pick Yourself Up And Pull Yourself Together
The car is peeling off as each asphalt on board is upside down.

ByGetty Images

Asphalt has been peeled off wonderfully. Author is "◆07:Mr. Alex Chinneck who is the same as his work.

ByAlex Chinneck

21: Abedo
It seems to be sitting on invisible reclining seat in the air. The author is a work style of making human sculpturesEMIL ALZAMORAMr(@emilalzamora).

22: Suspended
Height 10 metersIt is about 2 rectangular parallelepipeds made of copper. The person who is taking a picture together on the right can feel the size, the right rectangular parallelepiped is going to fall. It is displayed in New Windsor in the USA, and in 1978 Israeli sculptorMenashe KadishmanMr. created.

Bystorm king

23: Michael Jones Sculpture
It is stationary in the air with a splendid dive attitude. Author is "◆14:Jerzy Kędziora same as.

24: La Voiture Sur Le Lampadaire
The car is upside down on a streetlight. The author'sBenedetto BufalinoIn another work "Works where the phone box is a fish tank"Or"Works that make mirror drum of a mixer car a mirror ball"It seems that you often work on art that you use in a different way from normal usage.

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