That "Ghost Busters" appears as a Pokemon GO-style AR game "Ghostbusters World"

A masterpiece SF comedy film released in 1984 "Ghost BustersSpeaking of Speaking of, Ghost Busters, a company that scold researchers do ghost extermination, opens and gradually becomes famous with ghost extermination. A sequel published in 1989Ghostbusters 2"And the main characters and girls busters published in 2016 became femaleReboot versionAlthough it still attracts many fans, such ghost busters says "AR game like Pokemon GO"GHOSTBUSTERS WORLD (Ghostbusters World)"It has become clear that it will appear.

GHOSTBUSTERS WORLD (AR Mobile Game) - Official Teaser Trailer (HD) - YouTube

A smartphone placed on the desk is ringing ......

Ghost Busters from all over the world will give instructions.

On the screen of the smartphone is of course the Ghostbusters logo.

He wears boots ......

I wear a tie ... ....

On the back, familiar laser equipment for capturing ghosts "proton pack".

If you detect a ghost ... ...

Everyone releases the laser and captures the ghosts. What kind of ghost will come out is not revealed at the time of article creation, but is there a day when we can capture the familiar slimmer and marshmallow man ...?

I trap captured ghosts in the storage device.

This storage device became a smartphone and appealed to the smart phone game feeling.

So, "Ghostbusters World" will be released in 2018.

Although details of Ghostbusters world are not disclosed, it is revealed that it will be released as an AR game for smartphones. In the game, ghosts will appear from various derived works that have appeared on platforms such as movies, television, cartoons, theme parks and games, and players can catch hundreds of these ghosts. Development is a production company engaged in the franchise work of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Ghostbusters seriesGhost Corps, FourThirtyThree of game developers are working jointly.

In addition, the official Japanese website is also open for Ghostbusters World. If you are concerned about the latest informationFacebook·Instagram·YouTube·TwitterIt is good to check your official account.


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