The Chinese Air Force quickly becomes a threat to Western countries

The British military think tank IISS summarized the military power of the world "The Military Balance"Was issued. Among them, it is noted that China, which has rapidly expanded its military capabilities in recent years, quickly catches up with the military capabilities of Western countries and becomes a major threat.

China will soon have air power rivalling the West's - No longer just catch-up

China's military capability is increasing steadily thanks to the constantly increasing defense spending of 6 to 7% per year as if it matches the growth of China's GDP. Xi Jinping Jintao of China is trying to challenge the US military in the West Bank Pacific Ocean, China is no longer the goal is to catch up with the Western countries, IISS the reality that became the innovator of military technology has been reported.

It is pointed out that China has superiority in the system which sucks up technology, after comparing the United States and China with the world's strongest military power. For modern military technology, it is indispensable to develop artificial intelligence and big data, communication technology which is never cracked, but there are many private enterprises researching and developing these technologies in China and under the direction of the Chinese government Technical development is being carried out. On the other hand, if the United States intends to realize similar technology development, it is forced to ask companies in Silicon Valley to cooperate. Under the government 's control, it is pointed out that America can not compete in the technology development competition with Chinese companies developing technology under a narrow choice.

The Military Balance is a Chinese fighterJ-20, It is pointed out that within 2 years at the latest, the US may lose the monopoly control by the stealth fighter that is not detected by the radar at the latest. The J-20 has a longer flight cruising distance than the American F-35, and there is a possibility that the US could pose a serious threat to warships deployed in the Pacific Ocean.

Not just fighting aircraft,Air-to-air missileThe dramatic progress of it is also believed to be a source of trouble for the United States. There is an analysis that the short-range missile PL-10 introduced in 2015 has the same performance as the American missile Sidewinder II, and the PL-10 mounted on the J-20 can destroy the aircraft 50 km away It is predicted.

In addition, the Chinese system which has not been named yet has an unprecedentedly wide range of distance as an air-to-air missile capable of attacking the target of 400 km ahead. This weapon may now force the review of the "safety zone" of the aircraft used for airborne reconnaissance and control. The Military Balance says that it is required to secure "sky superiority" at the maximum level since the end of the Cold War to combat the threat of China.

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