Art with my shaved head "Headism"

"It's boring just like everyone", the art that made his head a canvas was "Headism"is. It has become a fairly innovative shaved head, with body paint applied or pasting Gabyou to direct punk.

Phil Says Head Designs

First of all, natural head Philip Levine looks like this.

Philip Levine's head looks like an art from the following.

◆ 01
I reproduced Buddha's hair with jewelry shining silver.

◆ 02
I sweet a color spray and feel sweet.

◆ 03
I feel like I can not abandon myself.

◆ 04
Paste the Gaby and puncture.

◆ 05
"BANKSYWAS HERE (Banksy was here) By the way, Banksy is a street artist who draws guerrilla-likely on the streets around the world mainly in London.

◆ 06
Attach eyeball seals and make it comical.

◆ 07
Put gilt and gorgeously.

◆ 08
Katsushika Hokusai style.

◆ 09
A butterfly stops at the flower and directs a fancy world.

◆ 10
It transforms into a canvas of a mountain water painting.

◆ 11
Mohawk style with safety pins arranged in two rows.

◆ 12
It seems that you know the fine quality.

In addition, paintings such as the waterfall paintings and butterflies in the above picture work with body - art and face paintingKat SinclairDrawn by the photographerDaniel ReganThat is what I took.

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