I tried eating Lawson "Pompom Purin Manchester taste" and "Pompompurin no Chippuyo" that reproduced Pompompur of MAX love

From Tuesday, February 20, 2018, to Lawson nationwide, Sanrio's popular character "Pompom puddingI imagined "Pompom pudding custard taste"When"Pompompurin no Chiyoyo (Pudding flavored custard & caramel sauce)"Has appeared. I tried to eat it quickly enough to see how sweet it was to reproduce the sweetness of Pompomu pudding.

Pompom Purin Mandarin Custard flavor | Lawson

Pompompurin no Chiyoyo (Pudding flavored custard & caramel sauce) | Lawson

I purchased "Pompom Purin Man" and "Pompom Purin no Chi Puyo" at Lawson.

When I put Pompom Purin on a plate, I have a very lovely expression.

I will stare at this with a pretty sweetest pupil.

You can see that the beret's wrapped patch is well reproduced along with the face with the ear stuck to the pet.

Although I feel sorry a little, when I break Pompom Purin ......

Custard cream is full inside.

For a fabric that feels a little sweet, custard cream with a sweet sweetness matches. The fluffy texture reminds me of the soft texture of Pompomu pudding. The parts of the beret and face parts of the brown color are also the same as the yellow texture and taste.

Then "Pompompurin no Chiyoyo". In the package, a pretty Pompom pudding is drawn.

The calorie is 190 kilocalories per piece.

Raw material names are aligned with custard cream · caramel jelly · shortening · egg · flour.

When you put it on a dish, the appearance is perfectly banged.

When I divided it in half, the creamy custard and caramel sauce came out from inside.

The combination of caramel sauce and custard is reminiscent of pudding, very good combination. The cloth which we made as rice cake also provides a magical texture.

In addition, 'Pompom Purin' is 198 yen including tax, 'Pompomu Puri no Chi Puyo' is 120 yen including tax, and both have been discontinued as soon as they are no longer in quantity.

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