Hello Kitty and Pompomu pleasantly look up Japanese sweets "Eat Mass Hello Kitty" and "Eat Masu Pompompuri" I tried it

From February 27, 2018 (Tuesday) LAWSON 's "Mascot to eat" series, Sanrio characters "Hello Kitty" and "Pompompur" that became Japanese sweets appeared. Hello Kitty has apples taste, Pompomu pudding contains pudding flavor. Although it seems that it is not easy to eat just because it looks lovely, I tried to eat what kind of taste I really enjoyed.

Eat Mass Hello Kitty Pompom Pudding | Bandai Candy Official Site

I bought "Eat Mass Hello Kitty" (280 yen including tax) and "Eat Masu Pompompuri" (280 yen including tax) at Lawson immediately. The loveliness that I look up from inside a transparent case is impressive.

Let's look at "Eat Mass Hello Kitty".

The top of the raw material of "Eat Mass Hello Kitty" continues with "Shiraoeda", "Sugar" and "Sweetened Sweetened Bean", and it seems that the flavor of the apple is seasoned with "apple preserve".

When you take it out of the package, you sit a bit on the plate and it looks like you are looking up at the sky. Even compared to confectionery toothpicks, it is about half the size and is rather small size.

When approaching, the ribbon, eyes, nose, whiskers, clothes etc. are reproduced tightly, and the quality is high.

There's also a tail and there is no flash.

When cutting it in half, the bean paste is divided into the head part and the trunk part, and it is thought that sweetened bean paste containing apple preserves head part from shade, white part raw part of the body part.

When you bring it to your mouth, the texture is so soft that you can crush it with your tongue, you can feel a refreshing and sweet sweetness with a slightly apple flavor. Because it is elegant and delicate taste peculiar to Japanese sweets, when eating it is recommended to match with a light drink such as tea.

Next, I will look at "Eat Masu Pompompuri".

Raw materials of "Eat Masu Pompompuri" continue with "Hakoengumi", "Sweetened Sweet Bean" and "Sugar" as well as "Hello Kitty", but raw materials reproducing the purine taste were not found.

Taking it out of the package, Pompompur is looking upwards while smiling.

Because of the slenderness, there is a slightly taller impression than "Hello Kitty", but in comparison with the actual size, almost the size did not change.

When approaching and looking at it, the beret cap, facial expressions, limbs are also reproduced tightly.

As well as "Hello Kitty", the tail is well reproduced.

When cutting it in half, it seems that the bean paste is also divided into the head and torso, but there is no change in the color shade. Both seem to be using the same bean paste.

When eating it actually, the texture is soft like crushing with the tongue like "Hello Kitty", but you can feel the taste of "custard pudding" in a faint manner. It was also finished to feel an elegant and delicate taste.

"Eat Mass Hello Kitty" and "Eat Masu Pompompuri" are sold at 280 yen including tax at Lawson throughout the country from February 27, 2018 (Tue) excluding Okinawa.

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