I ate a cute Japanese sweet "Eating Mass Rilakkuma Strawberry Rilakkuma"

Rilakkuma&KiroyoriA cute Japanese-style confectionery that looked like "Eat mass rilakkuma strawberry rilakkuma"Has appeared in limited quantities at Lawson since May 15, 2018 (Tue). I actually tried such a set of Japanese sweets.

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This is "Eater Mass Rilakkuma Strawberry Rilakkuma" (395 yen including tax). One package contains one Rilakkuma (left) and one Kiiroitri (right), two in total. This Japanese confectionery is a series of "mascot you can eat" series in which Rilakkuma single body and star Kirby etc. have appeared in the pastEat massOne of the series.

In the package, Rilakkuma is described as strawberry taste, Kiroyori as honey maple taste.

The notation of raw materials is "sweet red bean paste", "sugar" etc. Japanese sweetsPasteIn addition to the ingredients contained in Rilakkuma, you can see that "Ichigo" is included.

I tried to transfer it to a dish. The size of both Japanese sweets is about 4 cm in total length, and when you place a fork for confectionery near you, you can understand roughly the size. The strawberries are included in the designs of both characters (1 = Ichi, 5 = go) in the punnnias, which is related to "15th anniversary of the birth of Rilakkuma".

Both Japanese sweets have ears and eyes, all of bean paste (anko)PasteBecause it is made of, it can be eaten as it is.

Rilakkuma with a muscular face is a strawberry taste. The part that reminds me of the strawberry taste looks is about strawberry.

It's a cute Japanese sweets, but I will cut it.

The section looks something like this. In the brown body is full of bean paste. Rilakkuma is said to be strawberry taste but it looks like a common bean paste that is clogged inside. There is something like a strawberry in the center ... ...

I also see the strawberry seeds.

Bean paste is sweet and slightly strawberry fruity smell. I am also strawberries and are finished in a smooth sweet taste.

Kiroyori is wearing pants shaped like strawberries.

A cross section looked like this cut. In the yellow body, white bean paste is packed.

Although it looks like a general white bean paste, the white bean paste is a honey maple taste which is not shown in the raw material notation but the flavor of maple syrup is felt. It was finished in a taste with depth.

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