I thought that it was just a beautiful girl cosplay Life-size FGO · Mash was leash shifting to a micro singular point one festival

"Cosplay" that will become your favorite animation and game character has become indispensable as an element that colors events of animation and games, and the largest domestic modeling eventWonder FestivalHowever, a lot of cosplayers excited the event. I think that one of such cosplayers is showing off high quality cosplay, and the life-sized "life-size" figure created by the prototype figure of figureFate / Grand Order"Or"Re: A different world life starting from zeroI fell into the situation that I encountered the solid of ".

SAKAKI Workshops

Wonder Festival 2018 [Winter]When I was walking through the venue, I saw something like a cosplay cosplay.

I thought that it was a beautiful girl cosplay, it was a real life Mash who I saw. "No way, I thought that micro-singular points were created and shifted to the One Fest site ... ...!" This isZBrushAs a figure prototype master usingKaoraku KaIt was a life - size mash made by Mr. Mr. Mr.

Life-size masters are exhibited at "SAKAKI Workshops" of the table number "4-10-05", so it was possible to shoot in about 5 minutes, as the shooting standby queue was made.

Looking from the side like this. It is overwhelmingly dynamic.

When I stand in front I reached out my hand and I think I will take my hand without thinking, but it is NG to touch.

It's like this when it's up. Because too much Mash, words other than "Mashi ... ..." came out.

When you look with the people around the booth, you will see that life-size is big.

The back of the shield which is not seen much is like this.

Next to that, I also found a life-sized LEM of "Re: Zero world life starting from zero". This is also quite as expected.

head on

It's up, this way.

The costume also seems to start moving with the feeling of dynamism.

In addition, various figures were exhibited and sold at "SAKAKI Workshops".

This is the "Rem bust" on 1/1 scale. Like life - size large REM Kaoru Sakaki was responsible for the prototype.

Up is like this. It is a chest-only version of a life-sized LEM, but its size is 1/1 so it's powerful. This bust is finished painted finished products are sold at one fest site, the price is 400,000 yen.

Looking from another angle like this.

this isAzur Lane"Self-bombing boat" three-dimensionalized. Prototype productionMr. Tsurumi sideMr. is sold for 3000 yen.

This is "Mash" on 1/7 scale. Sakaki Ka is in charge of prototype as well as life - size mash, and posing etc are the same and miniature version. The assembly kit was sold for 15,000 yen, but it was already sold out when it was discovered.


From another angle.

We also saw many other exhibition-only figures.

"Mr. Kobayashi's May Dragon"1/2 kanakamui". Konkon is the prototype.

It seems that anime Kanna came to the venue as it is.

This is "1/2 sake drinks", the prototype is konkon as well as Kanna.

It is like this when "Lem bust" and "1/2 size Kanakamui" "Sake alcohol drink" are arranged side by side.

From Fate / Grand Order "Malta"

The prototype isRICOIs in charge.

Original figure 's "Meta child" isYoheiIs in charge of prototype.

It is a level that I think that it became more pretty when it compares with the illustration which became the figure and became three-dimensional.

Looking up it is like this.

The prototype of "swimwear Nero" is in charge of Rei Amitani.

It is exactly like "I am surprised!"

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