A smoothly moving robot arm vividly depicts the art of geometric patterns Time lapse movie

The artist who lives in FloridaJames Nolan GandhiIs developing art activities using his own robot arm. The pattern that the robot arm actually made by Mr. Gandhi moves smoothly and draws the geometric art articuously can be seen in the movie published in Instagram below.

Some time lapse mechanical drawing action.. # Analog #drawingmachine #mechanicaldrawing # mechanicalart # elipse # ratio # geometricart #drawing

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This is a movie shot in time lapse and is drawn at a much faster speed than the actual movement. By adjusting the shutter speed of the camera well to the moving speed of the robot arm, it was possible to take a time lapse movie in which the robot arm is moving smoothly. You can tell how fast you are actually drawn by seeing the following movies posted on Instagram.

Well timed ellipse action. #mechanicaldrawing # analog #drawingmachine # inorganicgeometry # ratio

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The whole image of the robot arm made by Gandhi looks like the following. The robot arm is not a complicated mechanism that uses a computer, but movement is formed by a motor and multiple pulleys. Furthermore, since the disc with the fixed campus also rotates slowly, it is possible to create a strange geometric art based on circles and curves.

Dense precise movement seen in art is still unique to machines. The art drawn using the robot arm is a geometric pattern in which the following curved lines fold and many worksGandhi's Instagram AccountIt is published in.

You new rock.. # Organicgeometry # analog # drawinganachine # mechanicaldrawing # geometricart

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Although the above robot arm is an electric one, Gandhi is also developing a drawing machine that transforms the swing of the pendulum into movement of the pen and campus to draw art.

A part of the art which the robot arm drew out is sold from Gandhi's official website from $ 30 (about 3300 yen), but delivery is only in the United States.

Drawings For Sale - James Nolan Gandy

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