Drone "HEXO +" that can capture images by chasing objects with automatic tracking

DJI Phantom 2Equipped with two or more rotors as inMulticopterHas very high flight stability,Shooting high quality aerial shotsAlthough it allows for a newly developed Autonomous Flight Drones "HEXO +You can capture and track objects automatically, and you can shoot powerful images with GoPro and brushless gimbals. This "HEXO +" is a cloud funding siteKickstarterAs a result of investing in the investment, the investment of about 830 thousand dollars (about 85 million yen) greatly exceeding the investment target amount of 50,000 dollars (about 5 million yen) is gathered.

HEXO + is the first autonomous aerial camera ever

What kind of product is HEXO + is to understand by seeing the following movie.

It is the body of HEXO + that the developer Xavier de Le Rou has in his hand. It is a 6 rotor type multi-copter which a propeller is mounted on 6 arms extending from the main part.

HEXO + is a drone that can be tracked automatically while shooting objects registered in advance with GoPro. First of all, I set the object with a dedicated smartphone application.

When setting was completed, I took off the position "Bun" and got a position behind the target rider.

When the rider starts running, it automatically starts tracking based on information captured by the camera and information from the sensor.

Because HEXO + always fly like chasing the object and keeping the position ......

Shots from such an angle ......

You will be able to shoot such aerial images.

Of course, such slow motion scenes ... ...

You can also use it like taking pictures of dashing from behind.

HEXO + is capable of stable flight with six rotors.

When you open the cowl that covers the main body, computers and various sensors that become the heart are mounted.

The battery is located at the bottom of the main unit. It is said that flight and shooting are possible for about 15 minutes.

On the bottom of the body, it is possible to shoot high-quality images by installing a brushless gimbal and GoPro that precisely control shake and tilt during shooting. Although the landing gear is not equipped at the moment, it is planned that the development will be completed and equipped by the shipping time of the product.

The result obtained from the trajectory prediction algorithm is reflected in the control of the aircraft, and it is possible to predict the future direction of movement from the movement of the object. For data communication with smartphoneMAVLinkProtocol is used. In addition, it is said that the function to automatically detect and avoid obstacles is not implemented, so in order to make automatic flying, it is necessary to choose a place without obstacles.

For applications that are developed exclusively, the 3D model screen is used to set the positional relationship between the object and HEXO +.

When HEXO + which can track moving objects with easy tracking object started campaign with Kickstarter, it cleared the target amount of 50,000 dollars (about 5 million yen) lightly in less than an hour. After that, it continued to gather the investors vigorously, and at the time of the article creation, it is a situation of collecting more than 830,000 dollars (over 85 million yen) from over 1,500 investors.

HEXO + can select a set that has been set and get it. HEXO + body and gobar for GoPro became a set "Ready to FlyThe set is $ 599 (about 61,000 yen), and the set of "Ready to Film" with GoPro HERO 3 white edition set is $ 799 (about 81,500 yen). In addition, the "Ready to Film Ultimate" set with the black edition which becomes the highest grade model of GoPro set is $ 999 (about 100,000 yen). In addition, we have achieved all the Early Bird plans that are beneficial.

A shipping fee of 50 dollars (about 5000 yen) is required separately for dispatch to the outside of the United States. At the time of campaign at Kickstarter "America, Canada, Australia and EuropeonlyShipment "and Japan is outside the target area. In the FAQ column, there is a statement to the effect that "I will consider after the end of the campaign other than the listed area", so applicants are likely to check once.

The deadline for investment is 6:01 on Wednesday, July 16th in Japan time, and the shipping time is scheduled for May 2015.

HEXO +: Your Autonomous Aerial Camera by Squadrone System - Kickstarter

2017/7/13 12:15 Addendum
It is possible to ship to countries around the world including Japan. The shipping fee is said to be "separately required for a shipping fee of 50 dollars (about 5000 yen)" for ships outside the US from the beginning of the campaign, "but it is stated that it will correspond individually after the campaign ends .

HEXO +: Your Autonomous Aerial Camera - Drone by Squadrone System »HEXO + is now shipping worldwide! - Kickstarter

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