A movie playing a mysterious organ "THE FURBY ORGAN" using 44 bodies of the doll "Farby" singing

In addition to being able to sing and dance unique "Farby language", electronic pet which will become able to speak Japanese etc by growing according to "owner"Furby"Has brought about explosive popularity all over the world when it was released in 1998. And now, some instruments that can play with such furby "THE FURBY ORGANA movie that you make yourself making and playing is published.


This strange "Furby organ" I made my own is a musician living in the UK and a YouTube channel "LOOK MUM NO COMPUTERThe Lord ofSam BattleMr. "There must be about 1 furby on everyone's house, I guess I'll make an organ using it this time," he made soldering and made new instruments by himself.

"I've been thinking about instruments that used furby for many years," says Mr. Sam who shows a hand-painted concept.

On the black and white keyboard, Furby is lining up with the slurry. It seems that the direction is completely determined at this point.

It was said that 44 furby was necessary to complete the Furby organ. "As a result of searching at Ebay, collecting from the recycling shops in the whole country and soldering a tremendous number of soldiers ..."

"Let me show you"

When raising the veil, "This is a furby organ," there were furby-ridden organs there.

You can see that the colorful furby is lining up.

In addition to being able to speak and sing as usual, these Furby can also play melodies according to the performance of the keyboard. If it sees closely, the organ is a 44 key type, so it means that one furby is assigned per key.

The main switch is named "Collective Awakeing Switch" (collective awakening switch) and a stupid name in order to sing a "living thing" Furby.

Raise the collective awaken switch and ...

Furby began to speak neatly. This is serious.

It seems that each switch of the organ is assigned "loop function" which repeats the same phrase and "freeze function" to stop the performance.

In addition, it is possible to change vowels such as "a, e, i, o, u" when singing Furby.

"Well then, let's play" ...

Sam heading to the organ. Turn the knobs to turn it ... ...

Operate devices like volume like a mysterious switch at your feet.

When Sam began to knock the keyboard, the sound like pipe organ started flowing. All these sounds are definitely being emitted from Furby.

On the right side, on the right side of the drum machine, LinnDrumLINN LM-2There is a place. This is Stevie Wonder's famous song "Part time rubberAnd Wham! of"Last Christmas"YMO (Yellow Magic Orchestra) was also used in the model that was used in famous songs such as.

Mr. Sam who plays the furby organ according to the sound of the thick drum of LinnDrum. I am a little surprised that a honest tone is coming out ... ...

Probably not pronounced (= keyboard not pressed) Furby is talking "Ugue Uege" without a doubt, so in a sense "furby feeling" is a full mark.

In my organ, myriad wiring is stretched ... ...

Sam said that he wired everything himself.

Furby waiting for remodeling with skeleton bare.

It seems that in-depth research has been conducted to make it work properly.

On the main body of the organ, there is a slurry for adjusting the volume of each musical scale and a dazzling knob.

The performance ended with a spectacular shade. Until the end of the last Furby 's strange sounds "Uga Uga", but this may be an interesting instrument ......

In addition, Sam also besides the Farby organ, somehow blows a fire during play "Flamethrower Organ"(Fire blowing organ) and ... ...

Flamethrower Organ An In Depth Look - YouTube

"Synth Bike" (synth bike) etc. that the analog synthesizer is operated by a bicycle for some reason and others are announced. At first sight Sam is a character with a fantastic idea, but in fact it seems to be doing activities as a jazz musician.


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