Call a name and take a pose with a miniature instrument

It seems that there are some rats who pose by holding a miniature instruments when calling their name. The adorable appearance is healed just by watching it, and somehow it becomes like to keep a hamster and others. Unlike a dog, it seems difficult to teach a rat to tricks, but how did you teach art?

Pictures are as follows.
Pet rats pose with range of musical instruments | The Sun | News







This mouse is a mouse owned by Ellen van Deelen who lives in Rosendaal, the Netherlands, he said he was taught to take a pose by using food. Ellen saw the miniature guitar that was lined up in the show window of the city and thought about letting the mouse of the pet have it, and then succeeded in having various miniature instruments afterwards. He seems to recognize his / her name again, and when he calls a name he seems to take a pose with a miniature instrument.

You can see other pictures from below.
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By the way, I could not find a movie that really calls my name and poses with instruments.

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