I ate "Akamori Strawberry cream thin taiyaki of Fukuoka prefecture" and "Ghana milk thin taiyaki Taiyaki" of Taikichi wrapped in Amakao's cream and Ghana chocolate in thin cocoa fabric

Speaking of Taiyaki is said to be a popular Japanese sweet shop offering a variety of variations of Taiyaki, from January 23rd (Tuesday), 2018 to Taikichi, a Taiyaki specialty store operated by Lotteria, "Fukuoka Prefecture Aomorou Strawberry cream thin skin taoyaki"Ghana milk thin sliced ​​sea bream"Has appeared. "Fukuoka prefecture produced Aomorou strawberry cream thin taiyaki" is produced in Fukuoka Prefecture "Amateroo strawberry"Ichigo milk-flavored cream using pulp," Ghana milk thin taiyaki "is a custard cream and Lotte'sGhana Milk ChocolateHe said that it was baked across the corner. I tried to eat it immediately to see what kind of sea bream it was.

~ "Taikichi" new appearance of cocoa fabric taiba yaki! ! ~ "Fukuoka Prefecture Produce Aomoru Strawberry Cream Sliced ​​Taiyaki", "Ghana Milk Thinly Baked Taiyaki" From January 23, 2018 (Tue), Lotteria's "Taikichi" Store Limited for 12 stores only! | News Releases | Lotteria

Arrived at Taikichi.

A poster was decorated in front of the store.

I ordered "Fukuoka prefecture produced Aomorou strawberry cream thin taiyaki" and "Ghana milk thin taiyaki" and brought it home.

"Fukuoka prefecture produced Aomoru strawberry cream thin taiyaki" and "Ghana milk thin taiyakiyaki" are all wrapped in cocoa fabric, so I do not know which one is which I saw.

Compared to the usual "Red beans Anna Taiyaki", you can see the difference in color of regular fabrics and cocoa fabrics well.

Compared with iPhone 6s, the size looks like this.

"Fukuoka prefecture produced Aomorou strawberry cream thin taiyaki" had plenty of pink strawberry milk cream inside.

Bring it in front of the face, you can feel the sweet and sour smell of strawberry. When I try to eat it, it matches the sweetness of strawberry and sweetness of cream and it maintains a good balance with cacao feeling of cocoa fabric kneaded with cocoa powder.

When I tried to break "Ghana milk thin taiyaki," the chocolate in the custard cream melted with the trolley and it looked delicious as I saw it.

Since chocolate is intact, you can enjoy a rich chocolate taste. There is little sweetness in the cocoa fabric, it is cacao flavor which makes you feel even bitter, but sweet custard cream and milk chocolate are combined, it is not too sweet, it is not too bitter and you can taste the exquisite sweetness of chocolate.

"Fukuoka Prefecture Aomorou strawberry cream thin taiyaki" will be available for limited time until early April, "Ghana milk thin taiyaki" will be offered as a regular menu as well. All prices are 170 yen including tax.

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