"Small tits are justice" The papers analyzing a big-breasted character of animation that pounces the scientist in a scientist aerodynamically are released

"Analysis and Qualitative Effects of Large Breasts on Aerodynamic Performance and Wake of a "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid" Character (Analysis and qualitative effects of aerodynamic properties and wakefulness of big tits in "Kobayashi Sanchi's May Dragon" character)"Is a social network service for scientists and researchers"ResearchGateIt is published on above.

Analysis and Qualitative Effects of Large Breasts on Aerodynamic Performance and Wake of a "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid" Character (PDF Download Available)

About the papers published on January 17, 2018 "About the analysis and qualitative effects of big-breast aerodynamic properties and wakefulness seen in" Kobayashi Sanchi's May Dragon "character" learns mechanical engineeringN. RabinoIt was published by. The paper has already been read over 240,000 times in about one week since being published, and it is calling a big topic.

According to the abstract of the paper, "Numerical fluid dynamicsThe methodology is used to study the characteristics of the flow that occurs around the chest of a big titsmen and explains the aerodynamic differences caused by this geometric existence (big tits). " Two different body type models are used for verification, one isMr. Kobayashi's May DragonThe body model with reference to the big breasted character "Rukoa" that appears in the game, and the other one uses this "Lekoa's" body model with greatly reduced breast size ". These body type models are used in numerical analysis of turbulence in numerical fluid dynamicsTurbulence model, And by comparing the drag associated with turbulent kinetic energy, lift, skin friction, etc., we compare the difference between big tits and not. And finally from the analysis results, we conclude that "general taste of" small tits is justice "is an aerodynamically incomplete theory".

Rabino, the author of this paper, explains the reason why he wrote the paper on the popular bulletin board site overseas and details.

So I wrote a research paper to prove whether or not anime titties are aerodynamic (using Lucoa) ...: anime

According to Rabino, "overseas site published in"Flat Is Justice / Delicious Flat ChestIt seems that he decided to aerodynamically examine big tits and small tits while seeing comments are getting warm among users who read an article titled "Big Tits Justice / Amazing Small Tits".

For the purpose of verification, first create a 3D model of Le core

Using 3D model of big breasted Rukoa, also create a model of small-tits version

Then, we created a virtual cavity on the computer, we have big tits and leeks of small tits here and we are verifying aerodynamic differences. In the verification, it seems that each drag, lift, skin frictional force, etc. were calculated by using 9 stages of air currents up to 1 to 30 meters per second.

In the graph below, the vertical axis shows drag and the horizontal axis shows wind speed. The green dots and lines show the drag for each wind speed of big breasted Rukoa and the blue dots and lines show the drag for each wind speed of the tummy rucore. You can see that despite how fast the wind speed is, the tender mass receives higher drag.

Also, in fact, when the big breasted Rukoa receives the wind from the front, we see how the airflow will change, in a movie that is visually easy to understand.

Lucoa CFD - YouTube

In terms of actual numbers, the small tits receive up to 4% more drag than the big tits, 2% average on average, up to 32% on lift and 22% on average on average. In the case of big tits, the air current arising from big tits changes in the torso and becomes a stronger vortex from the legs, which means that the effect of lowering drag and lift is demonstrated. From these results, Rabino says "Anime girls with big boobs are actually aerodynamics than small tits!"

In addition, Rabino analyzed the body shape of Le Cores, "It was S cup in Japan size", it seems that this is 10 cups larger than the average bust size.

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