Five ways to settle when the emotions are about to explode

When everyone lives, there are things that are attacked by emotions of anger and anxiety in the face of what can not be convinced. However, if you take action while being dominated by such feelings, it tends to lead to bad results. Five ways to help you regain calmness unexpectedly when emotions got higher, Lifestyle mediaQuick and Dirty TipsThere are a bit eccentric, but summarized based on knowledge of psychology.

5 Body Hacks to Instantly Calm Overwhelming Emotion

◆ 1. Attaching face to water
When blood gets up on the head, it is said to "cool the head" etc. However, actually putting the face on the water has the effect of calming anger. You can restrain the feelings of anger by putting cold water on the washbasin or bucket and soaking your face.


It tries to instinctively protect yourself when you fall into cold water or you can not breatheDive reactionIt is based on a reaction called. When faced with an emergency situation, the human body instinctively contracts the blood vessels and attempts to reduce the energy consumed by the body by reducing the number of heartbeats. At this time, negative emotions such as anger are supposed to be suppressed as well.

Nonetheless, it can be worried from the surrounding people that "Jar" ​​and water are shed in the head in the workplace washroom, so at such times take out the ice pack that had been chilled in the freezer, Even just cooling the surroundings is OK. Also, since the diving reaction occurs only by stopping breathing, it may be effective to stop breathing for a while by becoming alone in another room.

◆ 2. Literally "calm" by cooling the body
This is 1. Although it is close to the method of, it is effective to calm emotion by cooling a part of the body. If there is ice in the refrigerator in the hot water supply room, scoop ice full of both hands. Then, the hand suddenly felt painfully because it was cooled down, but it kept in that state for a while. When I can not stand patience throwing away ice is released from coldness and it returns to its original state, but at this time the feeling of human beings passed the things that have returned to the original, and it is said that there may be a feeling of more happiness about.

ByMichael Wyszomierski

This is called "Pain offset relief" in the field of psychology, and in fact it is the mechanism underlying "self-injurious act" that injures one's body to escape from suffering is. You should avoid scratching yourself, but if it is enough to cool your hands with ice, you will be alone with the pain of that time.

◆ 3. Breathe with the intention of inflating the balloon
It is a method that seems to think that "balloons are to be inflated in the workplace!", But in fact the essence is in the place of "to breathe slowly and heavily". There is a certain connection between human breathing and heartbeat, and the phenomenon that the heartbeat also becomes late as breathing becomes slower can be seen. This is called "respiratory sinus arrhythmia", it is related to parasympathetic function.

ByRoberto Borello

Humans get faster heart rate when their emotions increase. On the contrary, it is a method to calm emotion by lowering heart rate. In fact, we do not see people who are angry with breathing and heartbeat slowly. When you came with "Kachin", you can sit down in the chair and repeat deep breaths to calm the anger's emotions.

◆ 4. Take action that is opposite to what the mind felt
When anger, anxiety, and others are attacked by feelings that they think are "inappropriate", it is effective to balance the mind by taking the opposite action. When you feel angry in your heart, let the door open for those who ride the elevator. Also, when you feel jealous of the success of others, look back on good events and success stories that have happened to yourself. This is a prominent psychologistMarsha · LinhanDr. AdvocateDialectical behavioral therapyIt is a part of the method called "balance" of the mind through "acceptance".

ByPieterjan Vandaele

However, it is not always good to just do the opposite of what the mind felt, and its use is also important. When you are obviously asked for a suspicious fraud talk, you should not think "No, this is fine, I will do it!" Also, accepting that "This is the correct figure" in a situation that is receiving unfair treatment in the organization creates a worse situation. It is not always easy to judge this, but it may be important to try to aim for a better answer with a sense of balance.

◆ 5. Cuddle up to your feelings
The last way is not to control instant and strong emotions, but to help tolerate it, it is more powerful than any of the methods mentioned here.

Negative strong emotions appear with cycles. The first foundation was built, gradually increased in height, finally collapsing with rattle when reaching the limit. However, we tried to deal with the strong emotions accumulated by taking sad measures such as "to drink alcohol", "to make a fuss" and "to hurt ourselves" in the stage to reach that limit I will.

When you encounter such a problem, it is important not to distract you by something else, but to face the problem from the front by immersing yourself in that feeling. This is not an easy thing but requires certain training, but it is the most correct and most effective way to deal with problems correctly.

ByThomas Hawk

The best way to deal with this isMindfulnessIt is to understand and start practicing. By doing so, you will eventually become aware of your emotions, eliminating impulsive reactions and intelligently dealing with feelings.

It is said that one of the causes of negative emotions is that "I can not accept the gap between the ideal that I draw and reality." However, since it is actually a real society in which things do not go as expected in practice, by accepting the "gap" and arranging feelings, it should be able to deal with many of negative emotions. Still it is stated that when feelings are uneasy and it seems like they are going to hurt myself or someone else or something, they should seek help from others and doctors without hesitation.

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