A research result that there is no relation between "playing the game" and "being violent" is announced

byBen White

There are a certain number of things including violent expressions and cruel depictions in the game, and there is still a connection between "playing the game" and "being violent". actuallyThe trouble in the game develops into a mischief actAlthough there are things to do, such cases are the qualities that they possess, and research results are published that say "There is no connection between playing games and being violent."

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Among studies on "connection between games and violence" is "Priming effectThis phenomenon is called. This means that the information (prime) and the like heard and heard beforehand influences the information (target) processing after that, and the idea that the player becomes violent when playing a violent game is a priming effect It is considered to consider the influence of.

Priming effectKotobankThen it is explained as follows and I think whether it is easy to image what kind.

By seeing and hearing certain things in advance, it means that another thing becomes easier to memorize and becomes easy to remember. Here we call what we see and hear before as prime (another thing affected is called a target). For example, if you talk about fruits in advance before playing an associative game, you will be more likely to be associated with "apple" or "strawberry" from the word red. Also, if you talk about cars, it is easier to associate "signal" and "sports car" from the same red word. It is believed that these effects occur because words and concepts form networks with each other. In the guidance scene, it is expected that an increase in learning efficiency due to the priming effect can be raised by talking about things you want to remember or memorize before you teach.

However, in academic journalsComputers in Human BehaviorPublished in "No priming in video gamesThe paper that denies the priming effect by the game.

In the thesis, we are conducting experiments to compare the reaction times of subjects who gathered subjects and played two different kinds of games. In the experiment, we asked more than 3000 subjects to play "game to avoid car collision" and "game where mouse flees from cat". After playing the game, subjects show various kinds of images such as buses and dogs, and ask them to classify these images into "vehicles" or "animals". In other words, if playing a game becomes a "prime" in the priming effect, a person who plays a "game to avoid collision of cars" can quickly sort out "vehicles" out of many images The researchers assumed that it should be.

David Zendru, a lecturer at the University of York, Department of Computer Science, who participated in the study said, "I did not expect to see such results in two experiments. Subjects who played automobile games had to take a picture of the vehicle Far from classifying it quickly, in some cases it has been delayed significantly. " In other words, as far as the reaction time is concerned, it can not be thought that the priming effect has occurred by playing the game.

byDaniel Monteiro

Also, in the same research, I am conducting an investigation to confirm the authenticity of the hypothesis "Does players become aggressive?" By playing "closer to reality game". In this survey "Ragdoll physics"By using the laws of physics used in the game, we simulated the human skeleton and created a character that can be more realistically dropped or hurt. Furthermore, by creating games that incorporate realistic tactics used by real soldiers etc., "Create a game that is closer to reality" was created. By asking subjects to play a normal game with this "closer to reality game", we are studying how the realism of the game will affect the priming effect.

The result of the investigation is that there is no difference between the subject who played a more realistic game and the subject who is not playing the game, that is, no subjects receiving any prime. This indicates that even if you play a real game you can not get a priming effect.

byPawel Kadysz

These findings showed that the priming effect by the game does not exist, that is to say that even if you play a violent game the player does not necessarily become violent.

Also, violent games from past research are people'sDo not give long-term impact to empathySometimes,Improve cognitive abilitiesIt has become clear as well.

However, researchers have said that continued investigation should be continued on the effects of violent games on children, "We will continue further research on other aspects to see if this same effect can be obtained If you give a concrete example, what will happen if the characters in the game become more real, what will happen if you include extreme content such as torture, "Zendle says.

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