How was the overseas reaction of seeing the first public video of "Nintendo Labo (Nintendo Lab)" to play with Cardboard for Nintendo Switch?

For Nintendo Switch Nintendo has exclusive parts made of cardboard "Nintendo LaboWe announced. We shocked many people to the concept of combining corrugated parts and creating a new controller. YouTubeiYakkuLooking at the following movies posted on the channel, you can see what kind of reactions YouTuberies abroad watched from the first public video of "Nintendo Labo".

【International response】 Nintendo LABO overseas YouTuber's reactions - YouTube

in the beginningRogersBaseChannel. In the scene where embossed cardboard comes out one after another, it seems that it is not known as cardboard, and the man on the left side has a question "What is it?

In the scene clipped from the mold, surprised as "corrugated paper?", A little bastard.

When assembly starts, you do not know what you are making in the first place, you misunderstood as making Nintendo Switch's "Joy-Con" in cardboard.

As I was able to play the piano, I was surprised, "What is going on !?"

When I put the Switch screen on the piano, the men on the right also got tension ......

When Joy-Con is inserted and piano keyboard is pressed, when it comes to the scene where the sound is heard, the tension is further increased with surprises as "Music making software?

When a house or a robot comes out, there is no clue as to what will happen after this.

When the handle and the pole of the bike come out, the man on the left side gets tension too high and only the scream comes out.

And the man on the right is "Google corrugated VR headsetI thought that Nintendo was able to create its own game console on the idea of ​​"

In a scene where a man carrying a cardboard rolls out a right straight and a character in the game also draws a right straight, the men's tension on the right side, which was calmly comparable to the "VR can be done!" Starts to rise.

And when you know that you can paint freely, the man on the left side evaluates as "cool!" And the man on the right also shows a high evaluation that you can "have a creative experience".

next,Easy AlliesChannel response. "This movie is serious," four people begin to look calmly.

It seems I do not have any idea what to start even in the scene where cardboard is assembled.

When the piano is completed, the tension of the man on the left rises.

And 4 people who can not believe that the piano can play.

The second man from the left who can not hide the surprise by the fact that what made with cardboard becomes the controller.

And from the bottom of my heart, I get a real intention that "I went ...".

Heat up of the tension of 4 people by various controllers coming out.

When the contents of the handle type controller come out, it is the second man from the right mumbling as "I can not use it at school".

The man on the far left is curious that "I can make videos in this way." It seems to be popular among these four people.

nextKevintendoChannel. When clipping starts from the type of cardboard, the tension suddenly increases.

After that, the male's tension continues to rise, and after the scene where the robot is moving is over, I will start to say loudly "I can make a robot!"

I get my own Nintendo Switch for the first time in a while.

Screaming from scenes painting colors. It seems to be well received by this man.

continue,MissClick GamingChannel. In the scene to play the piano, I am curiously wondering "What is it working on?"

Even in the scenes where robots move, it seems to be interested in why they move.

"Why are you moving though it is just cardboard?" You will not be able to hide surprises.

A good impression on the function that teaches me how to make it.

"How did you come up with such a thing!?" It seemed that Nintendo's idea power was surprised.

nextHMKChannel. From the cardboard Joy-Con mark, I notice that it is an extension of Nintendo Switch.

"It's cardboard, it's boring," he smiles bitterly.

When I start playing the piano, I start to get interested in "Do you move?"

And when I noticed the greatness of Nintendo Labo, I withdrew the previous word. A man who gets excited.

I was curious until the end.

nextGame AttackChannel. When I start playing the piano, I can not believe it.

Even if the movie goes on, "Maji?" Appears to be unbelievable as well.

When noticing that it is gradually a fact, I started smiling and finally seemed to like Nintendo Labo.

The endSwitchScoreTVChannel. It seems to be YouTuber who is doing in parent and child.

Even if you build a cardboard and play the piano, there is no reaction.

Even if the robot moves ...

As usual no response.

As it is, the movie is over ......

It seemed that the father was very good when he heard the impression.

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