What did YouTuber Logan Paul in the great flames all over the world do in Japan?

There are more than 15 million subscribers to the YouTuber AmericansLogan · PaulMr,overseasandIn JapanIt is on the Great Flames. Mr. Paul has opened a movie on YouTube with a state of a scrumpty level that feels a bit overkill with his colleagues, and as it was before a flare uproarCrazyIntoTo have an eyeThe more people there were. However, it seems that he did not only disclose a hook-and-play movie but also collaborated with celebrities.

Mr. Paul shot various movies when he came to Japan in 2017. In the movie, it is shown that Mr. Paul is repeating the all-you-can-eat whatever you want to do in Japan, and you can see how trouble is being raised to the clerk of the general public and the commercial facility, eventually to the police officer. In Paul's YouTube channel, the article creation time is also "A movie hitting a cushion of a monster ball to a roader in Tokyo"Or"A movie warned by security guards as a joke goes past the temple after passingAlthough publicly released such as Mr. Paul in Tokyo, a movie that another YouTube account summarizes a lot of mischief that is done in Tokyo is also released.

Logan Paul Being Massively Disrespectful In Japan - YouTube

However, these movies have not led to great flames.

What was taken up as a big problem was photography of Mr. Paul when he came to Japan and published in January 2018 "A movie photographing the body of a man who committed suicide at Aokigake lake sea" is. The movie has already been deleted and Mr. Paul has released an apology movie on his YouTube account, but criticism is flooded by many people from using the corpse as a shooting tool .

Criticism of YouTube in volunteer assisted bodies photographing at Aokigahara trees in Japan - BBC News

Mr. Paul's behavior is regarded as a problem overseas, as well as The Guardian, the leading British newspaper, also posted articles.

Logan Paul has behaved despicably. But he's part of a wider trend | Emily Reynolds | Opinion | The Guardian

The New York Times reports that "Logan Paul, a star on YouTube posted a corpse movie, is a" mistake. "

Logan Paul, YouTube Star, Says Posting Video of Dead Body Was 'Misguided' - The New York Times

The Verge posted a column "This is not a problem only with Logan · Paul and YouTube, a moral compass on social media is broken".

It's not just Logan Paul and YouTube - the moral compass of social media is broken - The Verge

Actresses of criticism are rising from celebrities as well, an actress Anna Kakuna who says the younger sister committed suicide on Twitter said, "When my brother discovered a sister who my brother committed suicide, he was afraid of fear, confusion and sorrow While trying to save my sister while crying, this body should also be one who loved someone.I should not walk with a camera in the forest where many suicide people are, and I am not trying to call for the prevention of suicide. "

Following the voices of many criticisms, YouTube has posted an open letter on Official Twitter that describes Paul's response.

An open letter is written across multiple tweets and the contents are as follows.

Many users will be frustrated by our recent lack of communication. You're right. Users need to know what is going on. Just like many others, we are angry with the movies we shared last week. Suicide is not done in a joke, and this does not attract viewers' interests. As Anna · Akana said, "This body should be someone who loved it. You should not walk with a camera in the forest where many suicide people are, and they are not trying to call for prevention of suicide. " I expect many of the creators who form communities on YouTube to be reliable people. (But Paul's account betrayed the trust, we handled it properly because it violated our community guidelines.) We have taken a long time to respond to this issue, but I've heard all the opinions of everyone. We know the magnitude of the impact of a creator's behavior on the entire community. In order to prevent such movies from being delivered in the future, we need to share this experience with many users.

YouTube to Mr. Paul's accountdisposalAs announced to put the planned movie project on YouTube Red on hold,Google PreferredI also reveal that I will remove Paul 's account from.

In addition, YouTube does not delete accounts as a disposition to Mr. Paul. For that reason, Change.org has started a signature activity to delete Mr. Paul's YouTube account, already 470,000 people agree.

Campaign · YouTube: Delete Logan Paul's YouTube Channel · Change.org

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