Headline news on January 11, 2018

As the next-generation express that Kintetsu connects Osaka and Nagoya "New model name Osaka Express"We decided to create a new vehicle. The theme of the vehicle is "relaxation upgrade", the seat is equipped with a full seat back shell in the first seat in Japan, no need to worry about reclining backwards, the width of the front and back is also 130 cm in Japan, the largest in high grade vehicles, even in regular vehicles Secure 116 cm beyond urban liner. It is said that it will be about 18.4 billion yen investment with a total of 72 newly constructed with eight organization of 6 cars and three cars of eight cars. Operation is scheduled for Spring 2020.

New model name Osaka Limited debut in spring 2020! ~ Upgrade name of relaxation Osaka Express Next to the next era ~
(PDF file)http://www.kintetsu.co.jp/all_news/news_info/meihanv.pdf

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

It turns out that the influence on "body only exercise" and "everyday exercise" are almost the same - GIGAZINE

Possible drastic changes in decayed tooth decay, succeeded in regenerating teeth using Alzheimer's drug - GIGAZINE

The reason why the "coffee shop" that cannabis legally sucks is closed one after another, and what are the problems that emerge? - GIGAZINE

"The True Size Of ..." that allows you to easily compare the real size of the world's countries on the map - GIGAZINE

The end of the food illegally brought in and confiscated at the airport, what is the duty of customs officials? - GIGAZINE

[Dangyo] Legendary rock singer David Bowie died - GIGAZINE

Lens kit "ExoLens with optics by ZEISS" using Carl Zeiss lens which dramatically powers up iPhone's camera - GIGAZINE

Ultimate hippie utopia "Taylor camp" where people lived nude and no rules and currency existed - GIGAZINE

"Live2D Euclid" which allows you to move two-dimensional characters as if they were 2D three-dimensionally 360 degrees in 3D space - GIGAZINE

Switch as much as you want · Fuck as much as you want and satisfy craving cravings "Pitching and Switching! Kokoro Switch" Review - GIGAZINE

"Rape map" summarized by region for where women's assault cases are occurring in India - GIGAZINE

When people's flow in the city center of 3.11 is recreated by the light flow, the light has gone out of Tokyo - GIGAZINE

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CNN.co.jp: Photo Special Feature: Huge clouds appearing over Sydney - (1/3)

Lactic acid bacteria for the first time elucidate activation of immune cells in the gut | NHK News

A group such as French 's Pasteur Institute announced that it first elucidated the mechanism by which substances produced by lactic acid bacteria contained in foods activate immune cells in the intestine, using experiments with the mouse.

This research was carried out by the Pasteur Institute of France in collaboration with the major food company "Meiji".

Elucidate the origin of the physical characteristics peculiar to water | RIKEN

Water is an indispensable liquid for life, but its understanding of its behavior is incomplete. For example, changes in thermodynamic properties such as density, heat capacity [4] and isothermal compression ratio [5] when lowering temperature show reverse behavior between water and other liquids. For that reason, the thermodynamic properties of water have been debated for many years, and several hypotheses have been advocated. One of them is the hypothesis that there are two phases with different densities in water, and that there is a shake between them. However, it has been difficult to verify this hypothesis because water (supercooled state) whose temperature is lowered below 0 ° C is unstable and freezes immediately.

This time, the International Collaborative Research Group irradiated XFEL to water drops in supercooled state and analyzed its structure. Since the pulse width of XFEL is very short as femtosecond (fs, 1 fs is 1,000 trillionths of a second), it is possible to finish the measurement before the sufficiently chilled water freezes. Analyzing the data at various temperatures, we found that the rise in isothermal compressibility occurring at the cooling of water reversed at -44 ° C. We also clarified that this temperature will be -40 ° C for deuterated water (D 2 O) with hydrogen atom (H) replaced by deuterium atom (D). These results indicate that "critical point of liquid-liquid phase transition [6] (LCP)" exists.

From now on, the focus will be on where the critical point of liquid-liquid phase transition exists in the phase diagram with pressure and temperature as parameters.

The falsehood of "the wall of 10 years old": what to read from Minoh City "Children's growth watching system" data - remcat: research material collection

Based on these articles, I gathered and examined the data of the Nippon Foundation's research using Minoh City's "Children's Growth Monitoring System" data, and as a result I reached the conclusion that it is a Tondemo. The main points are as follows:

· As far as the data is concerned, the "academic ability" of children of poor households is somewhat lower than the national average, there is no big disparity
· It is not possible to derive the interpretation that the "academic ability" of children of poor households will decline with growth. Rather, the data suggests that children of poor households are also steadily improving their academic ability, as well as the average trend among the students nationwide
· "Elementary school 4 years (around 10 years old)," academic inequality "rapidly expanding due to the difference between rich and poor families" is unfounded hoax
· The disparity between regions is likely to be greater than the disparity due to economic conditions. It is extremely dangerous to generalize the analysis results of data in specific areas without considering this
· It is unknown how to measure and calculate the score calculated by using the survey which is said to be measuring "academic achievement", its validity, reliability and representation are not examined

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Kiko prefectural police with Kikko Shimbun on suspicion of fraud of documents for former president of Chiken

In the explanation of investigative officials, Hunza collects a fee (8 · 64%) from the seller at the time the transaction is established. However, Hunza preferential treatment, such as calling the reseller group "VIP", gradually lowered the fee, and eventually was free.

The prefectural police believe that Hunza enclosed a large reseller in its site, aimed at securing the number of listings and aiming to expand its market share. Although the reseller side actually acquired the ticket, the former president also frequently interacted with the dealer side, he said that he decided that he was going to be a complexal relationship because he intended to encourage illegal purchase for resale purposes.

Mixi, scheduled to liquidate "Hunza of ticket camp management: Tokyo Shoko Research

Mr. Mikei's staff inquired about TSR's interview, "Hunza's ticket camp projects account for the majority of sales, and although we plan to liquidate in the future, we have not decided at the moment (time, method, etc.) "I commented. An employee of Hunza says "I will hire Mikushi in the future".
In addition, some questions have been raised about Mixi's response after timely disclosure. We released this case on 27th December, but even if we call the number listed as the inquiry destination, we will state that "the window is closed from the 27th of December to the 3rd of January during the New Year holidays" announcement It is because it continued.
While listed companies released revisions to earnings forecasts, inquiries about contents could not be made for more than a week. About Mr. Mike's pointed out about this point, Mr. Mikushi explained, "We could answer immediately if we could get inquiries via e-mail from the corporate site."

Shiga Prefecture Police: Men in their 30s are for 1 year and 4 months with suspected imprisonment diaper in diaper - Mainichi Newspapers

Ministry of Defense and Self Defense Force: Trends of submarine submarines and Chinese naval vessels (1st report)

Because I baked meat ... Snow confiscated in the classroom stove, cold in class? : Asahi Shimbun Digital

# Comment on civil servant personnel cost reduction by representatives of Yukio Edino Summary

Government Korea does not fully understand the spirit of Japan-Korea consensus | NHK News

The government said that President Moon Jae-in (Korea's Republic of Korea) had recognized that the Japan-South Korea agreement over the comfort women issue was incorrect, and final and irreversible solution to the request for an apology again It is a policy to continue steadily seeking fulfillment, rebelling against not understanding the spirit of the agreement that confirmed it at all.

Lobster makes cooked after fainting, Switzerland prescribes protection provisions

About 40 set of shogi pieces stolen damage amount is 50 million yen Osaka | NHK News

On the morning of 11th, a man entered an exhibition facility operated by a shogi's piece manufacturing company in Osaka / Yao City, and took away about 40 sets, which fled the exhibits, and ran away. Some police are investigating as a robbery case because there are high-class items sold for more than 5 million yen, and damage amount is about 50 million yen.

He appeared as a separate "wife" and live broadcast while living separately, a sense of heavy marriage - BBC News

Two people died in a demonstration protesting rape and killing of Pakistan girl - BBC News

Nippon Eel Extinction crisis 40% Not knowing Consciousness survey of environmental protection group - Kyodo News

Republic of Korea searches for exchanges under suspicion of tax evasion for bills prohibiting trading in virtual currency

CNN.co.jp: Seven Eleven illegal migrant employment, authorities coincided in the whole country

Neyagawa debunked death, classmate 's accident, appealed many times to his homeroom teacher ": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Space world former site, possibility of soil contamination Origin is factory: Asahi Shimbun Digital

CNN.co.jp: Steal jewels from stores in luxury hotels, equivalent to 600 million yen Paris

About 500 million yen of robbery robbed at Ritz hotel in Paris - robbed of jewels - BBC News

CNN.co.jp: Trump, a forward-looking US-North Korean dialogue with the President

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How to sleep without ever sleeping Hiroyuki Sleepy Associative Sleeping Law - 200 Light Military Personnel notebook contents

Probability of rain What percentage will you bring an umbrella with? Values ​​in medical treatment: Asahi Shimbun Digital

【Emulsification】 With Carbonara's cheat technique, I would like to graduate from "Kamadama Spaghetti" almost soon -

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Comeke 93 demonstrated its power "Mechanism that can take out 300 yen each change" commentary - From the edge of the new squirre

In the subway, I asked why there are few people who are using tablets, around - Kazuyoshi Katsumi will blog up a thoroughly maniac story

Explanation on the operation of bags that give top priority to tablet and PC easiness - Kazuyo Katsuma's blog to raise the story of thoroughly maniac

Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications | China Telecommunications Communication Bureau | SoftBank Corporation strict precaution against radio law violation

When OSS was released to GitHub, Issue like demons flew from overseas. Spicy of engineers who can not speak English. - Togetter

U.S. power outage at the world's largest home appliance show venue | NHK News

With videos and pictures posted on Twitter etc., a lot of visitors are left in a dark venue and the appearance of moving the lights of the smartphone in hand to the clues is displayed.
Also, a major semiconductor maker, Intel, on Twitter, posted a picture of the venue that was dark, "This is the biggest hit of CES is blackout = power outage" and shows at cutting-edge technology shows power I am ironic that the basic technology did not work.

Is it so hard just to fix one line?

About publishing survey on speculative execution of processor | Amazon Web Services blog

LINE Developers Talk about redesign of the document site: LINE Engineering Blog

In fact, I asked Elegy of Google about Web Payments that will change the world! | HTML5Experts.jp

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TV animation "BEATLESS" 2nd PV - YouTube

TV anime "Darling in the Frankis" just before broadcast - YouTube

TV anime "Wo Taku ni Koi is Difficult" Tiza Visual Opening Show 2nd Part 2: Hanako Koyanagi, Taro Kabakura - YouTube

TV animation "How to keep the Mummies" 2nd PV - YouTube

Colopra and Nintendo's lawsuit collaboration, Nihon Keizai Shimbun pours in by inserting images: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

Detect the number of the patent on which Nintendo appealed Coropla (Kiyoshi Kurihara) - Individual - Yahoo! News

"BL is a masturbation of the heart" "Good things can not be thrown away even if they are thrown away" Wagon sale state of saying in the theme "Rot girls" # Negorinba Horin - Togetter

Official blog of Taketa Aina - For everyone who always supports you - Powered by LINE

I have been afraid for the past few years.
I think that it is a number of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands if it is only e-mail.
Other reports have not been done, but there were also many things I was afraid of.

PS4 version "BORDER BREAK" Promotion Movie - YouTube

PS4 / Xbox One "Dragon Ball Fighters" Hit / Character PV - YouTube

BNJ PROJECT 'MFP Sports Festival with Taiko no Tatsujin' held on December 3, 2017 - YouTube

PlayStation (R) VR "Summer Lesson: Hikari · Alison · Chisato 3 in 1 Basic Game Pack" PV - YouTube

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[Translation] Deneuve 'Right to urge women'

Just to be sure, it was not Catherine Deneuve who wrote the following article, Deneuve is one of the 100 women who signed the article.
I thought now, but it was interesting that the word "right" (droit) was not used at least once in the original, so it is a complete translation.
In addition, it is thought that the word introduced as "the right to ask a woman" is liberté d'importuner. liberté is "freedom".
The importuner is a verb meaning to make it annoying, but since it is used to express persistent hints, it will be translated as "to speak".
However, the subject of this verb is not limited to men. In addition to freedom to seduce, on the other hand, it will come out as freedom to refuse her husband.
For the above reasons, the translator has adopted the translation "freedom to be played".

Actor to actress 1,500 times Performance fee condemned by Hollywood 3 pictures International News: AFPBB News

Curling, IT battle Elucidation of overheating mystery and aiming at strengthening tactics - 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Games (Winter Olympics): Asahi Newspaper Digital

Until the 12-year-old girl who did not know the metal shakes the world - Baby meta vocal, 20-year-old determination - Yahoo! News

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"Tropicana fruit + vegetable sweet pepper blend" "Tropicana fruit + vegetable sweet grape blend" New release on January 30 (Tue) | 2018 | News release | Tropicana Tropicana

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