Headline news on 10th January 2018

As a new flavor of "Coca-Cola", on January 22, 2018 (Monday), "Coca-Cola PeachIt was decided to be released. Peach's flavor is the first time as Coca-Cola, and it is limited time sale. Price is 280 ml PET bottle is 115 yen for tax, 500 ml PET bottle is 140 yen for tax.

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

"Discrimination that I had not seen" that was embossed by attaching a video camera to a guide dog - GIGAZINE

When conflicting it turned out that a giant asteroid emitting 10 times the energy of the atomic bomb was rapidly approaching the Earth - GIGAZINE

Succeeded in creating a three-dimensional structure that makes the plastic 10 times stronger than iron using a 3D printer - GIGAZINE

What is the perfect system for information control and spy discovery held by North Korean tablet "Woolim"? - GIGAZINE

10 times the speed of HDD & & 1 TB places importance on design of mirror plating · External SSD "LaCie Chrome" - GIGAZINE

"F-Secure AdBlocker" which enables comfortable browsing by erasing advertisements from the iPhone standard browser for free - GIGAZINE

A hunter hunting "Albino deer" loved by locals and posting it to SNS is on a great flame, also threatening to kill - GIGAZINE

Electric bicycle "Riide" which can run at 40 kilometers per hour though it is a normal bicycle but it looks like - GIGAZINE

Psychological way to improve what you do now by "doing it later" and regretting it now - GIGAZINE

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Things that tend to be in the Eungeon Education> Oh J> Summary Tarou!

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CNN.co.jp: Unusual snow cover in the Sahara, the third time in the past 40 years

"Height stretched 9 cm" Actually 2 cm Kanai Astronaut has "Correction" (FNN)

Traditional medicine such as Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture and moxibustion WHO approves to become an Oriental herbal medicine in Japan, to improve its status - Sankei Biz

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Korea: Comfort women agreement "wrong knot" Mr. Bun, apologize to Japan - Mainichi Shimbun

Mercury on "heated cigarette" arrested a man for charge of attempted murder Shiga | NHK News

Mr. Deneuve "Women have a right to speak" = excessive sexual harassment accusation: current affairs dot com

Mercury has a large amount of fake sleeves related research with companies in Yokohama | NHK News

After discovering the problem, an indication that Twitter has been posting an article that only fake sleeves and related items are exhibited on "Mercari" which can buy and sell items like a flea market on the net on the net has been posted on this page of this seller Over two months ago there were more than 70 items such as bands and sandals in addition to the sleeveless sleeves.

Many of them were with buyers, but all images of goods were deleted from this page by 6:30 pm on the 9th.

About this, Mercari's management company explained to NHK 's interview that "Although it is unknown whether there is a relationship with the company in Yokohama city, it is possible to" use corporate entity "and it made it unpublished.

About some press | Mercari Co., Ltd.

In some reports, but we have been made speculation that account you have multiple exhibited "kimono" on the Merukari is not a party of "Harenohi", such a fact at the moment is confirmed not here.

Regarding applicable accounts whose relevance is pointed out on the Internet, regardless of whether or not there is a relation with "Harenah", there is a suspicion of violating the usage rule of prohibiting the use of corporations, so it is under exhibition We temporarily make the product private, we obtain the destination of the product and verify the identity.

We will continue to provide a healthy marketplace in the future.

Sunny clothes trouble Over 3 million yen in unpaid money to three wholesale companies in Kyoto | NHK News

Two men killed while train is killed Kyoto | NHK News

"Mother's high-school student indecent act" 70-year-old arrested suspect child prostitution | NHK News

Fujitsu's electronic medical record system, the reputation of fucking specifications flows from the University of Tokyo Hospital: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

Venezuela, annual inflation rate 2616% Four digits reached first: Asahi Newspaper Digital

Myanmar police, former official request of two Reuters reporters Two pictures in violation of state secrecy law international news: AFPBB News

Mr. Vannon retires from the right Brightbird news Trample of the Trump regime 'revelation book' - BBC News

Do not get caught up in the inter-Korean talks "America bomb the north before it's too late" | World | latest articles | Newsweek Japan Official Site

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In the program of Mr. Akira Ikegami of NHK, the explanation that "Liechtenstein was able to maintain independence without fighting the war because he chose the non-armed neutrality in the First World War" → Actually "I got protected by Switzerland for a fee" Is it more accurate? - Togetter

I got a magical tights that seemingly seemingly thin although I had a thickness of 1200 denier, so I tried it - Togetter

In 2019, the government of GW 10 consecutive holidays started considering with Shinkin Emperor ascendance: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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Smoke from iPhone, 50 people who were in the Apple store evacuated Switzerland 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

Business E-mail writing cheat sheet - tkm 2261's blog

Google Developers Japan: settlement in one with Google Pay

Easy with no server construction required! Using PaizaCloud, I tried making Twitter bot in Ruby - paiza development diary

Report on unauthorized use of the API key that occurred from January 6th to the early 7th, and unauthorized access and unauthorized withdrawal reported on January 9th | Zaif Exchange

Who are you following people in the security neighborhood? - nanka iroiro

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Pokemon GO: Notification of End of Support for Apple Products Unable to Use iOS 11 - Pokemon GO

Colopra's "white cat project" is accused of patent infringement on Nintendo - Togetter

About Nomendo's lawsuit against Kolopra, "The Nintendo Legal Department, which is touted as the strongest, moved," "Voice of last time Michaelie was defeated but this time" voices - Togetter

Nintendo kills plagupla, white cat project injunction and damages compensation filed a lawsuit of 4.4 billion yen: market situation full power two stories

"Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Ⅰ 興 道" Concept PV: Women Character Edition - YouTube

"Sneaky Bear" Sneaky Bear came to PS VR! - YouTube

Idolmaster Million Live! Theater Days PV 2nd - YouTube

PS 4 (R) / Xbox One / STEAM (R) 'Sword Art Online Fatal Barrett' Opening Picture - YouTube

PS4 (R) "Girls & Panzer Dream Tank Match" Sneaking in Akiyama Yuhana 里 "Anzio High School" - YouTube

I want to eat three meals a day / Hisoda Sho - Morning / Afternoon · Evening Joint Web Comic Site Moai

"I will never forgive ... I die of death" Intimidate popular voice actor: Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

About 20,000 intimidation e-mails have been delivered to Taketashi's office since 2014, and the agency is investigating the relationship.

"K-ON!" Voice actor - arresting an unemployed man suspecting intimidation of voice actor Takeshita Ayana - entertainment society - SANSPO.COM (SANPO)

The PC was infected with a remotely operated virus, and the department was pursuing investigation carefully.

Many voices convinced to Bunraku Stray Dogs authors' creative foundation forging method "Thinking experiment using creative thinking perfection" - Togetter

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Movie 'Saki - Achiga Hen episode of side-A' Preorder Miyanaga Teru ver - YouTube

Kitamura lawyer, criticism of the entrance to Shiropen is "Is not it a sport or sumo wrestling?" - Sports - SANSPO.COM (Sansupo)

As for the wrestler's clothing, MC's Anduki Yasuko Caster (59) said, "If you go to a cleaning shop a moment, go to a convenience store, or if you are neighbors until about a moment (whether it is a rough appearance okay? Sumo critic Mr. Kiyoshi Osumi (75) responded, "It is not complaining", Mr. Kitamura said "What is" tsumugarunen "? Tsukkomi. "Is it 10 kilometers, 30 kilos, is 5 kilos, I am wondering how to be careful of people with such vague things."

Mr. Kitamura said that the court appeared complaining about the entrance of Shiho Peng and other such entrances, including the upholstery, "Mr. Kitamura said," Tensioners are not forbidden, tensioning is not a violation of rules, is not sports, sumo wrestling Her head crashed as if he is crazy, "the court judged that they are pressing on their aesthetics.

The figure's Harding case, which revives into memory in a canoe player case. Awarded movie "Ai, Tonya" masterpiece (Hiroaki Saito) - Personal - Yahoo! News

High School Baseball: Summer Championships also in Thailand Break Local Introduction - Mainichi Shimbun

[Sad] The canoe Komatsu kun who was disqualified due to being mixed with drugs, was consulting with Suzuki who was in first: Nanjiashi Stadium @ N J Summary

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(PDF file)Rich sweet ice cream appeared perfect for winter! "Cold Stone Creamery Premium Cake Sand Dreaming of Maple Custard" New release from September 16 (Tue) at Seven - Eleven nationwide

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