The App Store application updates sales record by over 300 billion yen on New Year's Day 2018

We announced that Apple has updated the Christmas season and early app sales record of the year. On January 1, 2018 alone, we are striking a staggering sales of 300 million dollars (about 34 billion yen).

App Store kicks off 2018 with record-breaking holiday season - Apple

Apple announced that the app store sales record of the App Store has been updated from the Christmas season at the end of 2017 to the New Year 2018. The sales during the Christmas season for seven days from December 24, 2017 was $ 890 million (about 100 billion yen), it was 300 million dollars (about 34 billion yen) on January 1st 2018 only Thing.

On December 21, 2017 "PokémonGOIt was also revealed that it returned to the top of the chart. this isARKitIt is a result that supports the evolution of the framework. ARKit compatible applications spread throughout the category, and it seems that they are increasing to nearly 2,000.

"We appreciate all the app developers who contribute to developing great apps and changing the lives of people, Apple's marketing vice president, Phil Schiller, who in the year 2017 sold 265 I earned 100 million dollars (about 3 trillion yen), which is 30% higher than 2016. " According to Apple, the total sales from the App Store since June 2008 is $ 86 billion (about 9.7 trillion yen). Basically, Apple collects 30% of the sales of the application as a fee, so we only earn about 2.8 trillion yen on the App Store alone.

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