Can we not escape from "death"?

In the long history of mankind, "deathAlthough various attempts have been made to escape from the "death", all life born in this world can not escape from "death" at the moment. About "death" which is not avoidable even if you try to avoid it, "Who else can not escape from "death"?A movie that describes the movie is on YouTube.

Why Die?

When you think "I want to die", the death god is approaching you briefly even if you are very busy.

"Too fast" "Too late" Which do you feel? Some may want to postpone the death god's appointment to the future.

I thought that "If you are old and enjoy your life, you should gradually be bored with life and be ready ..."

The god of death comes never "the future" can not be.

Because you are always "current", and when you face the god of death you, even if you are old, will "meet just now" meet the death god.

"Death" is equally visited by everyone, and people can only live while combining hands with "death".

As if "Stockholm syndromeLike a person who favors a culprit who took himself as a hostage like ... "

People have no choice but to tell themselves that "the time of life that" death "left to himself is legitimate."

If "death" did not exist life would be totally boring and unnatural. If I tried to think that "the shinigami took a vacation and" death "ceased to exist ...", I can confirm that "death" is essential for human beings.

As humans grow wiser and become stronger, the god of death is always closer to the people.

It is a time of harvesting for the death god if a person grows old and weak.

The god of death may say, "Death" is a part of life, "Death" gives you the meaning of life ... "while being dusky.

But this idea is obviously crazy.

Miserable things will not bring happiness to others.

If you ask people who are suffering "Do you feel the happiness of life?", You are definitely described as a "monster".

Who in the world wishes that "My child as soon as he gets old and damages his health, so that he can find out the meaning of living"?

"Death" is overflowing in this world ... ...

I want to believe in a sweet lie that "fear that can not be escaped," death "is good for you".

But this is the same idea that "death" is part of your life.

For example, cholera was once a part of human history, but it disappeared due to the improvement of hygiene idea.

With a short span, it can not be thought that "cholera was a part of life", but at least it is not the case at the moment.

The idea that "natural things are good and necessary for life" is a mistake.

Natural life is inequal, cruel, and short.

It is synonymous with saying "Survive in the jungle where humanity's ancestry lived."

Mankind has realized the present good life by developing technology.

The current technological capabilities of human beings are able to observe the causes of death briefly.

Well, the question that springs up here is, "How strong is the death god?" ...

Given the development of technology, there is plenty of possibility that human beings will eventually gain the ability to compete against the death gods.

Perhaps even the first immortality may exist in the world right now.

They are able to fully enjoy healthy adolescence at will.

However, in the heads of the immortals, the memory of thousands of dead people involved in my life has remained and there is a problem that I have to erase them.

In addition, for the immortal, "death" is not a magic bulletproof to avoid future problems, so we must constantly face various problems and solve it.

People tend to give up "Death can not escape" ... ...

It is important to convert thinking, "It is only obstacle that can oppose" death "", and fight disaster such as illness.

In the present situation, however, only "aging" comes down equally to all human beings ....

As a result it is inevitable that everyone will have a miserable end.

If we do not settle our determination to fight "death" earlier, we will not be able to enter the generation of the immortal who is born. If I could not get in to a new generation against 'death', I was swallowed in the deep darkness 'death' and that is it.

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