Should we have a prolonged lifetime as the future capable of controlling aging has come?

60-year-old elderly is comparable to returning to a 20-year-old youth"Rejuvenation" succeeds in experiments with ratsAnd also against humansSuccessful gene therapy for agingReport has been announced. Research that makes people rejuvenate and retards aging, so as not to get sick by avoiding "old" itself has been accelerating in recent years, but as it is said that technology became a reality, really we Would you like to delay aging? What does it mean to mankind that lifespan is extended to YouTube's science channelKurzgesagtIt is asking.

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If asked, "How old would you be alive?", What would you answer?

Fifty thousand years ago, many people were dead by the time they were 20 years old ... ...

More than 15,000 years ago, more people could live over the age of 20.

In modern times, many people live to be over 40 years old, and there are areas where life expectancy exceeds 80 years as in Japan. This is because human beings have learned to utilize resources of the surrounding environment as they evolve.

Humans have been healthier and longer lived than ever before ... ...

This also resulted in unforeseen circumstances. Many times of life were to live in a condition requiring illness or needing nursing care.

The fact that you last at the hospital makes you feel depressed. But your family may possibly escape from this fact.

There is nothing better than "prevention" as a method of avoiding disease, and it is said that people can stop smoking rather than crafting excellent chemotherapy.

And, as mentioned above, the idea of ​​"avoiding aging itself" as disease prevention is born from the approach of "to eliminate the factor causing the disease itself".

"Aging" is not a biological one but a physical one. The metal rusts while using the car, the filter becomes rumbled, cracks enter the tire.

Like our car, our body also wears down by trillions of small physical processes.

The cause is oxygen, solar radiation, metabolism and so on.

Of course, our body has functions to recover from these effects, but its effect will decrease with the passage of time.

Therefore, muscles and bones become weak, skin becomes stained, immune system weakens, memory disappears, consciousness gradually fades.

We are not "die because it is older", but we are like "cars, important parts of the body will be broken and die." As I get older, my body becomes fragile and more susceptible to damage, sometimes one or more diseases are hijacked and killed.

Less known, research that aims to prolong the life span has made remarkable progress in recent years. Research reveals the mechanism behind aging and how the mechanism manipulates humans ... ...

Aging is no longer "a mystery can not be avoided a lot". And it is considered to be able to delay or stop aging itself in the near future.

Of course the technology aspect of how the process of delaying aging can be made is of course important, but the other important factor is that "As technically feasible, aging should be delayed or stopped Is it a problem? "

The process of human beings being born, growing and dying is a natural thing, and in the past history it was taken as a good idea to "get older."

The custom of celebrating birthdays is also born from the idea of ​​"Getting old is a good thing". After retirement / retirement in the United StatesGolden yearIt is also from this idea to call it.

However, in reality, "getting older" is accepted but "aging" is not required.

Since thousands of years ago, people were already afraid of "not dying". Appears in Greek mythologyTithonosIs a goddessAoseIt was a lover of. AOS is omniscient existence ·ZeusWishing for Tortonos' immortality, both of them wished their lives together, but because AEOS did not wish Zeus "eternal youthfulness of Teitonos", Teitonos keeps on keeping the year and keeping consciousness after hundreds of years There is a story saying that it has become as much as grape granules.

On the other hand, if you are already taking the old age, even if we stop aging, the body is already damaged already, so it will die in a few years, but stopping aging is not necessarily the body It does not mean we keep getting weaker.

The concept of "extending life expectancy" means eliminating disease and breaking down the limit of life, but that method is not established at this time. What if supposing that the average life expectancy could be 120 years old while maintaining a healthy state of human beings?

If it is possible or impossible to leave it for the moment, if we can realize the above things, should we extend the life span?

In this case, the act of "prolonging the life span" will be on the extension line of the life extension act done by the doctor.

As of 2017, a lot of medical expenses are spent to care for diseases caused by age. Half of the medical expenses that people pay in their lifetime will be paid in old age. In other words, the process of prolonging the lifetime can simply be regarded as an effective alternative to the method "treat with medicine" that we are doing.

To stop aging can be seen as natural as compared to cardiac transplant, cancer treatment, vaccine and so on.

There are few "natural things" in the life of modern humans, but therefore we can maintain a high standard of living.

If so, what we are doing now is just waiting until the machine is broken and it's too late, only after trying to repair a broken car with a lot of resources Well, and Kurzgesagt.

Many think that "I will die if I get to a certain age", "extending the life expectancy" seems like a mindset of human beings, I am embarrassed against the idea "to avoid death forever" I will.

However, the end of physiological aging is different from meaning the end of death.

When I was a child, when I was playing outside in the summer evening my mother said "Enter the house", I thought "I want to play more". You can not play outside forever, but you should have thought that you wanted to stay out at least until you were tired and slept. The process of "extending life expectancy" is close to that.

If in the world where disease is gone, if you and your loved ones are healthy and can live to 100 years old and 200 years old, how will we change?

If I knew that I would live longer, I might think about improving the global environment. If you know that you will be working for 150 years, think about ways you can make use of what you are good at and you may have more time to learn. The pleasures and stresses we feel may disappear somewhere, and conversely it may worsen.

In the present age where the idea of ​​"extending life expectancy" has become a reality, if I could live long while staying healthy with my family and friends, how old would I want to live? It is necessary to think firmly once to say that.

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