What is the idea that you need to become "entrepreneur" and make society better?


First presentation by Steve Jobs who launched AppleYaQuotes from CEO Jeff Bezos who led Amazon to success, AndMark Zuckerberg, who launched Facebook and gained millions of wealth by thirtiesIf you listen to the anecdote of the entrepreneur who is challenging with groundbreaking ideas such as "I want to start my own business sometime" should be many. A movie introducing hints to make that feeling a reality "How to be an Entrepreneur(How can I become an entrepreneur) "is a YouTube channel that sends education-related contentThe School of LifeIt is open to you.

How to be an Entrepreneur - YouTube

There should be many people who want to become "entrepreneurs" one of the big dreams of our time.

But, how can I become an entrepreneur?

Most of the entrepreneurial advice focuses on business plan writing and marketing, and practicality such as PR only.

However, what is really important when starting a business is "to accurately see the cause of dissatisfaction of others".

Because every ambitious business model is "a way to solve others' dissatisfaction".

This is a pizza store, a car company, or a news site ......

It is common to all other products and services.

The greater the problem you are trying to resolve because there is originality in how you solve the dissatisfaction of others trying to solve it, the more opportunities to succeed. Consuming society using corporate products and services is still expanding all over the world ... ...

Entrepreneurial business spread all over the world, business may be a great success by solving big problems in the world.

For example, Apple's Macintosh solved the frustration that "you want a PC with a high-definition screen that you can easily operate ..."

Amazon.com solved the dissatisfaction of "I want to read books cheaply without going to a bookshop in the distance" and paid success.

BySteve Jurvetson

For entrepreneurs to make profits, it is important that consumers understand the products and less competitors.

In contrast, it is impossible to find the dissatisfaction of others with originality, companies there are a lot of competitors, for example, airlines and smartphone-related companies, such as supermarket chain is not sluggish profits.

So, how can we find "dissatisfaction of others" to become a business opportunity?

That is to listen to the frustrations I have. You can create a new business by remembering what areas of dissatisfaction have been born in your area, when you are living, when and in what scene. Your dissatisfaction is an inexhaustible source of ideas to make a company.

Of course, because ideas alone are insufficient to be realized, practicality of ideas and money are also necessary.

Entrepreneurship is a difficult journey, but the business you create is a great opportunity to earn money, resolve people's dissatisfaction and benefit humanity.

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