Fan movie summarized in 2 minutes how Star Wars's "Death Star" is made

The Death Star, the ultimate weapon of the Imperial Army equipped with a Super Laser Cannon that destroys a star with a single strike appearing in the "Star Wars" series, has captivated what he sees the movie with its huge and overwhelming power. It was. Isaac Botkin wanted to see more of its construction scene, and together with his brothers, he created a two-minute "Death Star Construction Image".

Timelapse of Death Star Construction on Vimeo

A small ship gathered over the planet ... ...

The construction of Death Star began. However, for the moment that figure that we know well is not even visible.

First of all it was a ring-shaped structure.

In this state, the ring-shaped psyche weapon which appears in "Mobile Suit V Gundam"Angel HirouIt seems to be making it.

Eventually things like passages began to grow from the inner 4 points of the ring toward the center.

A super-substance reactor is installed in the central part.

Structures are also made from the reactor up and down, as if the tree grew.

I am gathering parts, not broken space colonies.

Eventually the base of the sphere came up slightly.

Because there are about 1 million passengers on the Death Star, there is also a space inside which the living space is covered.

The outside was also gradually finished.

The base of a characteristic super laser cannon on the northern hemisphere side of Death Star almost finished as well ......

Finally I finished the super laser cannon part ......


The Imperial Army fleet will cross the finished death star, but the Death Star is too big to see mostly the shadow's shadow. No way, this ultimate weapon has a design weakness, and it will be destroyed by a bomb ... ....

The music of this video is Ben Botkin and the animation is produced by Isaac Bottkin. It is the image which the fan made to the last, it is not the official making image etc.

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