Apple bought a music search service "Shazam" to strengthen Apple Music

Music search service that had information that acquisition is under consideration "ShazamWe have officially acknowledged that Apple will acquire it. By incorporating Shazam, Apple is strengthening music content such as Apple Music and is striving to pursue the preceding Spotify.

Apple confirms Shazam acquisition; Snap and Spotify also expressed object | TechCrunch

Apple confirms rumored Shazam acquisition, says it has "exciting plans in store" for Apple Music | 9to 5Mac

Apple officially acknowledged the acquisition of the touched music search service "Shazam" that knows the title of the music being flowing in a few seconds. Apple to the 9to 5 Mac, "I am excited to join Shazam and a talented team to Apple. Since launching the App Store, Shazam has always been one of the most popular apps. Today , Shazam is used by hundreds of millions of users worldwide and is being used on multiple platforms Apple Music and Shazam have affinity in terms of delivering passion for music delivery and a wonderful music experience. We have an exciting plan at the store and I am looking forward to today's agreement today with Shazam to be officially approved. "I officially acknowledged rumors of Apple's acquisition of Shazam. It is unusual to admit that Apple, known by secretiveism, has reached an agreement before the acquisition announcement.

About Apple's acquisition of ShazamRecode is expected to be about 400 million dollars (about 45 billion yen), Which is far below the $ 1 billion (about 110 billion yen) value Shazam's appraisal value issued in the 2015 financing round. in this regardTechCrunchA person who provided Shazam acquisition information by Apple said that "Shazam should have transitioned to streaming music a couple of years ago," said Shazam, a well-established music service that provided services using mobile phone SMS Pointed out the mistakes in strategy decisions.

Shazam features not only the service of searching music titles that flow, but also providing an access path to the music content searched for. In addition, it is possible to search for music from the visual as well as the music itself. Apple has integrated the Shazam function into Siri on iOS 8, but there has not been any noticeable enhancement since then. It is unknown at this moment about how Apple intends to incorporate Shazam into its service group in the future, what is "an exciting plan in the store". But as Apple touches on the answer to 9to 5 Mac, it will certainly strengthen Apple Music's ability and will be pursuing Spotify, which is a leading leader in paid membership.

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