Google 's "smart cookie" project to make AI think of cookie recipe will be implemented

Google carried out a "smart cookie" project, in which recipes for sweets 'cookies' are thought of by AI (human artificial intelligence) who trained a little bit and actually made.

The makings of a smart cookie

This project is based on Google's bakery in Pennsylvania "Gluten Free Goat Bakery & Café"In cooperation with the company. Goat Bakery, shopkeeper Janet Harris (leftmost photo) reacts excessively to glutenCeliac diseaseIt is a shop that makes bread and cookie using gluten-free material from being suffering.

In the project,Bayes optimizationBy using the machine learning method called "AI", he taught the knowledge about the cookie recipe. However, it is impossible for AI to actually make cookies, as it is impossible for AI to think about it alone without any knowledge, so Google staff first make cookies and then evaluate their recipes and taste to AI Let's learn by inputting how many patterns. In that case, it was said that information such as "kind of chocolate" and "amount of sugar, flour, vanilla" was set as "knob" which is a parameter meter used for machine learning. Based on the recipe taught in this way and the evaluation score given by humans to it, this time I made AI to devise an original cookie recipe.

Furthermore, we will take the step of feeding back the human evaluation of that recipe. Our staff actually cookies based on the recipe that AI came up with and feeds back the evaluation to AI in points. The following recipe was completed after repeating this cycle 59 times for 2 months.

In addition to tapioca flour and brown rice flour, flax seeds, etc., spices used in rare classes such as cardamon and pepper (hoajao) cookie are also used as materials. After mixing all the ingredients, add chocolate chips, prepare the shape and bake for 12 minutes in an oven at about 180 degrees "Chocolate chips and cardamom cookiesIt is completion of.

Harris first seemed to have had a skeptical impression when he was asked for this story, but he seems to have overlooked the project when he told the details from Google staff. About evaluation of the taste of the key Although it is worrisome that Google does not mention a single word in the blog, repeating the feedback loop of people and AI will continue to create a new recipe of the menu in the future That's right.

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