19 years old who thought to drop out of school by spending more than 1 million yen in game charge in 2 years confessed on gambling addiction

byThom Cochrane

"STAR WARS Battlefront II" is a problem with the elements of small amount billing,The element temporarily stopsIt is a situation to be done. Reddit said that 19-year-old gambling addiction that he used 1 million yen for in-game billing in the past two years, wanted to reduce the number of people suffering from a similar tragedy by clarifying his experience I will post a letter.

An open letter to DICE, EA, and other devs: I am 19, and addicted to gambling: StarWarsBattlefront

Meet The 19-Year-Old Who Spent Over $ 10,000 On Microtransactions

Kensgold said that he is a 19-year old reddit user who submitted an open letter. Born on the basis of a single mother of Texas-born, home from that was located in the "intermediate layer upper", high school is the case was able to proceed to the comparatively good school.

However, stress at school will put Mr. Kensgold into the game. At the age of 14, I was playing "city making game", the game itself was initially open structure, but gradually the person who purchased pay items in the game becomes advantageous It seems that it changed. Mr. Kensgold says that guilds' colleagues used to spend money in units of 100 dollars (about 11,000 yen) in 2 weeks, so that he would save the money he had saved not to leave himself To I used about 10 dollars (about 1100 yen) a week at that time.

Eventually, "premium token chest" will appear in the game. This is a problem nowadays "Root boxKensgold is possessed by its charm as an item that the character's growth material, better character, material, experience value etc. are obtained at random, and it has run out of savings when it was 15 years old That's right.

byMark Bonica

Of course, although the mother was angered with "I spend too much money on the game", the pleasant feeling gained by "gambling" called the root box can not be replaced by anything, and by playing a part-time job at a cafe for two and a half years, Kensgold wrote that he paid for his fee. It seems that they were falling into a situation where they thought whether to hire two part-time jobs at the peak and to drop out of school.

Then I was addicted to "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive"The expenditure for the past two years is 10, 407 dollars (about 1.17 million yen). The reason for being separated from "the last two years" is because the amount of money spent on the game before 2015 has no record and it is unknown the exact figures. According to Mr. Kensgold, "It is about the same as the last two years", so Kensgold's total money spent on the game up to now is about $ 20,000 (about 2.3 million yen).

byMack Male

Kensgold sent a letter of acceptance to the development team of "STAR WARS Battlefront II" to prevent gambling poisoning like me from being born. In Japan, too, children have used parent's credit card by themselves to buy large quantities of items in the game, so it seems that measures will be difficult if the game industry does not unite.

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