It turns out that it turns out to be a tremendous destructive power when converting sad minor songs into happy major tones

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"It was supposed to be learned in school music lessons"Major"Or"Minor"Plays a role in determining the nuances that song has. In general, the major is bright and positive, the minor is something sad and melancholic, but it seems to be an atmosphere that is sad, but if you try replacing the song written in minor with major in the digital technology, it will be a different song with tremendous destructive power It was found that it will produce.

Sad songs made happy: The amazing art of turning minor-key songs major

Although "converting minor to major," the songs listed below are not rewritten scores or newly played. In either case, based on the digital music data of the original song, soft which can pick up and lower only a specific pitch that determines the key "Celemony Melodyne"It has been processed using such as.

◆ Convert minor sad songs to bright major
It is the theme song of the movie "Godfather" that everyone knows as a minor song, but when I convert to major, I was born into a different song with a shock that made me fall down from the chair. When listening only at the beginning, laughter is coming up strangely in an idyllic atmosphere, but as I keep listening intact, it is mysterious and from the timing of somewhere from the timing of Ennio · Morricone composition movie "New cinema · paradise" It is wonderful that the atmosphere that leads to the theme of the song and the theme song of Yamamoto Naozumi 's movie' Man Otouchiryo 'will drift.

"The Happy Godfather": original soundtrack in Major key (full) - YouTube

Despite being in the same minor, the famous song "Rosing My Religion" by American rock band · R. E. M. is a song with a melody that makes you feel "sad" rather than sadness. The original song is "A minor (Am)", but if you add 3 sharps and make it "A major (C)", it will be a song with strange brightness. However, there is no destructive power as much as "Godfather" and there is a feeling that it comes in suddenly, rather it seems to be able to positively accept "I do not dislike".

Major Scaled # 2: REM - "Recovering My Religion" on Vimeo

By the way the original song is kore. It is a song in which the taste of R. E. M. is condensed.

R. E.M. - Losing My Religion (Official Music Video) - YouTube

It is a major version of Swedish-born heavy metal band · Europe's super famous song "Final Countdown", the theme of the pipe organ following the intro's sound effect is too bright and "Hey! I'm going to put Tsukkomi in. If the original song that makes the feeling of majesty change too much, too, if the atmosphere is too "original song of the concert", the major version of the final countdown is "atmosphere of the concert final and great excitement".

Final Countdown in Major key (full!) - YouTube

Original song is kore. There are many people who have heard since it is a song used here and there.

Europe - The Final Countdown (Official Video) - YouTube

Michael Jackson's "Beat It" also has a minor original song. Although it is the following movie that made this a major, it may be that Kore is rather strange if it is rather rather strange. Perhaps it is that the impression of the original song is too strong.

"Beat it": original in Major key (full) - YouTube

Speaking of original songs is like this.

Michael Jackson - Beat It (Official Video) - YouTube

This is also a super famous song, one that has made the majority of "Hotel California" of Eagles. Listening to the intro is a totally different song, although it should have changed its tone as singing melodies come in, this is exactly "Hotel California" itself. That means that you can see how this song is made up of Don Henry's voice and melody.

"Hotel California" in Major key! (Short) - YouTube

◆ Next time if you make sad minor songs that are bright major
There is something that is quite tasty even in versions that have been minor major tones, contrary to the previous one. Here is the work that has made a minor achievement for Louis Armstrong's masterpiece "This Wonderful World" dreaming of peace. The state of singing a happy lyrics with a melancholy with a minor tone of melancholy at the part of chorus "And what I think in my mind is a wonderful world" is sarcastic of a society that is far from ideal Even as if it sounds like it, there is something in common with Bruce Springsteen's world view, it may be saying a little better.

"Wonderful world" in minor key - YouTube

Here is the police 's masterpiece "I want to look" minor. If you know the original song, listening to the distinctive tone of the guitar makes that intro float in the brain reflexively, but it is incredible incongruity where you go to minor in a row. However, as I get used to it, it is still mysterious because I'm strangely felt that "Kore is ants in Kore.

"Every breath you take" in minor key - YouTube

Nonetheless, listening to the original song will still make it "hot".

The Police - Every Breath You Take - YouTube

◆ bonus
The following movies are not digital processing of the original song, but an example in which the major was changed to minor in actual performance. In the performance covered by this famous band "Marilion", also known as the famous band "XTC" song "Senses Working Over Time", Marilion's vocal, Steve Hogarth is saddened by the major original song melody You can see the automatic conversion to a minor tone melody. It has been transformed into a phrase "Hogarth clause", which shows "destructive power" that sounds like a marionist 's possession.

Marillion - Senses Working Over Time (Traducción al español) - YouTube

Original song is kore. Hogarth's songs are also nice, but the exact unmatched melody that XTC's Andy Partridge sings also is also very attractive.

XTC - Senses Working Overtime - YouTube

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