Companies and Organizations List nominated for Black Enterprise Awards 2017 & Summary What did you do?

It will be the sixth in 2017 "Black Enterprise Award'S nomination was announced. The announcement of the grand prize is December 23 (Saturday · holiday), and it is also possible to vote from the website beforehand from today.

Black Enterprise Awards: The 6th Black Company Award Nominated Company Decided!

◆ Zelia Seiyaku Kogyo Co., Ltd.(Reference 1:"When tengu" When suicide Zelia medicine is filed during newcomer training: Asahi Shimbun Digital, Reference 2:New employee committed suicide by "self-change training", family bereaved cases such as Zeria new drug ... Training company refutes - lawyer dot com)

Human resources consultant company 22-year-old man who received training by business ground works gave a comment from Business Grand Works lecturer "What stupid things are you thinking?" "How long are you doing Tengu" and "Comment" He also confessed experiences of receiving stuttering and bullying in the past by being forced to "distress troubles", "I was informed of the synchronization that I did not want to know most, shock increased by several times" Succeeded to write down.

◆ INAZAYA Corporation(Reference 1:Chief overworked by supermarket Inagaseyu Overworked suicide bereaved families suffering from overwork in 2003 also seeking "prevent recurrence" - Sankei news, Reference 2:"Inage" the clerk, death from overwork death Authorized overtime work: Asahi Shimbun Digital, Reference 3:Again by death from "Inage" ... Do not stamp timecards accurately, turn regular service overtime work - lawyer dot com)

"Inage" The incident where a 42-year-old man who was chief at the Shiki Kashiwamachi store died of cerebral infarction and was deceived as death from overwork. He was chief to order food orders and inventory, but he was hospitalized because he was suffering from excessive trouble. Although I return to work after a few days, I lost consciousness and died immediately after I finished work. Although it was within the upper limit of overtime restrictions in time card recording, it was found from the management record of the security system that in fact it was working even before and after pressing the time card. Death from overwork due to overtime of service.

◆ Panasonic Corporation(Reference 1:Workers Accredited Certified Employee Overworked Suicide Panasonic Document Transmission Overtime, Suspected 138 Hour Months Labor Cabinet of Toyama (1 / 2page) - Sankei News, Reference 2:Panasonic factory employee certified "death from overwork" Toyama: Asahi Shimbun Digital)

The 40-year-old man who worked at Matsue Toyama Plant of Panasonic's internal division "Automotive & Industrial Systems Co." died, the cause is overworked death due to long work hours exceeding 100 hours. However, in fact it turned out to be "suicide" by overwork. Furthermore, three employees sent documents to male executives in their 40s and 30s, who are in charge of labor management, for the longest period of overtime work for 138 hours a month. The longest overtime hours of the three people were 97 to 138 hours per month, respectively.

Niigata City Hospital(Reference 1:Niigata Municipal Hospital: "Caused by overwork" Female researcher suicide, to workers' accident certification - Mainichi Newspaper, Reference 2:"I should be held accountable" Niigata City Hospital suicide training medicine doctor survivor mayor and hospital director accused to labor bureau - Sankei news)

At the time a 37-year-old female researcher did not tell the destination and left alone at home and the missing, the family found a bodies in the park near the house the following morning. The cause of death was hypothermia, sleeping pills and drinking finished drinking near the body were falling, the police judged suicide. Before suicide, I leaked that I do not want to see a person ", as a result of survey, it reached about 187 hours, more than twice as much as 80 hours as" death line of overwork ", and 251 hours in the largest month It is said.

◆ Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)(Reference 1:【Deep sea of ​​news】 31 years old NHK female reporter death from overwork "Bad matter, time management is impossible" parents who took a mindless word (1/7 page) - Sankei News, Reference 2:NHK's 31-year-old female reporter is overworked death overtime, 159 hours a month: Asahi Shimbun Digital)

A 31-year-old female reporter at the NHK Metropolitan Broadcasting Center at the time caused a congestive heart failure at home in Tokyo and suddenly died. At the time of discovery he was clasping his cell phone. The overtime during one month just before his death is 159 hours 37 minutes. It took over three years or more to be announced due to workers' death due to death from overwork, and the NHK public announcement to the Asahi Shimbun's interview "Since the intention was not expressed from the survivor's side at the beginning, I decided that it was necessary to publish to the outside in order to advance the reform of workers that triggered the death of Mr. Sato. "From the bereaved families it is" not fact "," We received apologies It is supposed that NHK had concealed it.

◆ Moving company · Moving corporation Kanto · Moving company Kansai(Reference 1:Ari's Mark moving company's black too much actual situation "Department of illegal / unfair labor practices" | Prekari Art Union, Reference 2:Mitsui Trade Committee: Mr. Ali Mark "Moving Company" Approved Unfair Labor Practice - Mainichi Newspaper)

After dispatching male sales employees who entered the union to the shredder clerk, they disciplined them and dismissed them, present "guilty papers" to the store at that time, and put out similar things in the company news for all employees Things.

Ultimately, unfair labor practices were certified and men settled with men.

Mr. Ali's Moving Company "Evacuation Room" Incident Company Protest Behavior On October 1, 2015 Disarmament Dismissal Even though it was withdrawn, "Candle Paper" was increasing! - YouTube

Taisei Corporation · Sanshin Construction Industrial Co., Ltd.(Reference 1:"Stupid or Tameue" in the New National Construction Internal Condition of Suicide Severe Labor: Asahi Shimbun Digital, Reference 2:Overwork suicide at the new national, 200 hours outside hours as company "Do not grasp": Nihon Keizai Shimbun)

A man who was on-site coaching at the age of 23 then suicide after disappearance. Even though I went to work early in the morning by car and took a nap in the car and returned home after midnight, I could not decide the point of view even though I talked to a friend, "I want to stay 3 years in my current workplace but I do not have I want to quit. " In the memorandum left in the suicide scene, "I suddenly have taken such a form, I am sorry, I was limited, my only limitation was my mind did not come up with such a result".

◆ Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.(Reference 1:Illegal overtime at Daiwa House, 109 hours / month Labor Standards Correct Recommendation: Asahi Shimbun Digital, Reference 2:Corrective recommendation to the Yamato House hidden overtime at the housing exhibition hall: Kyoto Shimbun)

It was 109 hours on a monthly basis because I was overworked by male employees in my 20s. The man talks with Kyodo news agency that "the relationship is harsh and tougher and I could not say that I am going to work overtime," and as a result he is clearly becoming a mental illness and PTSD.

◆ Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.(Reference 1:"I can claim half overtime due to my boss's pressure" Yamato Driver Requests Improvement of Working Environment - Attorney Dot Com, Reference 2:Tokyo newspaper: Yamato Transport document delivery inspection Fukuoka Labor Bureau Overtime payment unpaid first: society (TOKYO Web), Reference 3:Yamato, huge unpaid excessive overtime payment 76 thousand people to investigate Payment: Asahi Shimbun Digital, Reference 4:Yamato overtime work payment has not been paid, to newly pay 12,000 people 4 billion yen: Asahi Shimbun Digital)

Kanagawa Hirakawa Town Branch sales driver of the branch office overtime payment received a corrective recommendation, even part time employee's working hours tampering and remuneration correction also received a corrective recommendation, overtime work for the sales driver of the Hakata Kita branch 102 hours a month It was making illegal. As a result, we decided to pay unpaid overtime in a stroke.

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