How much sound is different between 80,000 yen drum and 600,000 yen drum?

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Despite the fact that the appearance is almost the same, it is common in the world of musical instruments that the price changes by two digits rather than one digit. However, there is not much to witness the clear answer to the question "Is it really a good sound when it gets higher?" YouTuber's Jared Dines uses the two drum sets of the price of 700 dollars (about 80,000 yen) and 5000 dollars (about 600,000 yen) and is playing the same song and checking the difference in the sound.

$ 700 Drums VS $ 5,000 Drums - YouTube

"I will see if the sound gets really better as the price goes up," Dines says. The difference between the cheap drum which cuts 100,000 yen in full set and the high class set which cost 600,000 yen is certainly worrisome. Rather, you will feel the desire to expect surprises as "Do you sound good even if they are cheap?"

To keep equal condition during comparison, use the same product for the drum head (striking face), and use the meter for tuning. Besides this, it seems that all the microphones, preamps, and recording levels used for recording are in the same state. The only thing I adjusted was about adjusting the volume with a light compressor applied to the whole when mixing down. The comparison is done in three patterns of "1. performance in accordance with the song" "2. base and drum only performance" "3. drum solo".

First you can listen to the higher drum set of 600,000 yen in total. Zildjian's cymbal into the "Truth" brand drum set ($ 3,500: about 400,000 yen)K Custom"When"A Custom"($ 1635 total: about 190,000 yen) together, Evans's snare head is"HD Dry"($ 15: about 1800 yen), Tam is Evans"EC2S Clear"($ 50: about 5700 yen), the head of the bass drum Evans"EMAD Clear"($ 45: about 5000 yen) is used, the total amount is 5245 dollars (about 596,000 yen). Although it is understood very well when listening compare with headphones and earphones, you can see that the thickness of the sound is felt on the whole and it is a heavy tone.

And this is the cheapest drum. The 400-dollar brand drum set (about $ 45,000), the youngest brother of the prestigious drum maker "DW", will be a cheaper version of the Zildjian brandZBT"The starter kit (200 dollars: about 23,000 yen) is put together, and the same head as the higher drum is stretched to this. As for the direction of the sound, it is rather "snubber" rather than the lightness of the sound of the snare that is caught. If you look closely it sounds higher as compared to a 600,000 yen drum because the body of the snare is thin, but even if you add it, it sounds like a percussion. On the other hand, however, bass drums and toms have surprisingly low rows coming out firmly and I can think that it's a good sound.

In the comment section of YouTube, there is also a comment that "Bass drum likes the sound of cheaper one". However, the cymbal clearly has a better sound as "Shan".

The cheapest ZBT's cymbal is inevitably called "Kushan" with a bad sound of Nuke, the so-called "toy drum" sound. If you compare it like this, you will also be able to feel that the higher cymbal sounds are well suited to the entire drum sound.

Like this, although some of the cheap drums also fought a good fight, in the viewpoint of total sound quality I realized that the higher drum was clearly tightened deep sounds. Whether or not it can be convinced of the price difference of 520,000 yen is individual, but it was a content that made me realize that the evaluation axis "sound of instruments depends on price" is also a thing that can never be ignored.

At the end of the movie, it seems that Floor Tum is mossy, but when you look closely it is placed on the snare stand instead of the three legs, and one of the arms was in the state of hitting the bottom head It turned out to be. Perhaps the cheapest drum tom sounded so good that there might be a secret around here as well.

Dines is also an entertainer who is quite a skill at metal metal guitar. In the movie titled "10 Cool Drum Okaz (for beginners)", just tell the drum phrase by saying "Buburabura Baburaburara Baburaburara La" or "Digi Daddy Guy Daddy Guy Dada Dada" It does not explain, it is a laughable content that it hits with the doya face.

10 REALLY COOL drum fills (for beginners) - YouTube

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