A movie that appeared when iPhone X appeared and everyone thought "If other Apple products also made big screen" movie

IPhone X finally released on November 3, 2017 features a design that made the bezels on the top and bottom of the display as small as possible. There are not many people who thought "iPhone X and other Apple products will evolve to beardless design like iPhone X ..." in the near future, but in Germany technology technology mediaCURVEDReleased an image movie with bezeless design of Apple products such as iPhone SE, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook, iMac other than iPhone X, and you can see how "if Apple products become big screen with bezeless design" I am doing it.

CURVED / labs: Nach dem iPhone X aka wenn Apple alles randlos machen würde ⊂ · ⊃ CURVED.de

CURVED / labs: iPhone X everything aka What if Apple would make everything bezel-less? - YouTube

Just like iPhone X, what happens if other Apple products such as iPad and MacBook evolve into Bezerless's big screen? In order to leave the in camera which is one of indispensable parts for smartphones and tablets, CURVED makes it big screen with the recess of the TrueDepth camera left on the top of the display of the iPad or iPhone SE. This part is the same as iPhone X.

Looking side by side like this. The iPhone SE can only have the same impression as iPhone X, but the iPad has a full screen on the front, it seems to be a display itself rather than a tablet anymore.

TrueDepth camera, which is a big feature of the bezelless design, is installed after all. Since the home button disappears when it comes to bezelless design, the combination of TrueDepth camera × face ID seems to be indispensable for security reasons.

What followed on ... ...

It is Apple Watch. Apple Watch is a clock so it seemed impossible to upsize 42 mm or more, but if you adopt bezelless design the display will become bigger and the visibility of information will likely increase.

In addition, MacBook also appeared. Although it is thin and light, it is convenient to carry, it is compact by the bezelless design and evolved into a big screen.

When iMac is made into a bezelless, it looks like this. Although it seems that the bottom of the display can also be displayed, mainly on the display and the left and right bezel are gone.

If you look closely, there is only a few bezels at the top of the display, and it seems that this is the status bar.

Of course, TrueDepth camera in the center upper part.

Side looks like this.

When the Apple Watch becomes bezelless, the display becomes bigger this much. It evolved to a big screen that I can not think that the body size is the same.

It is like this when the display is not lit.

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