I ate Eggs 'n Things' s "Thanksgiving" menu, including pancakes trapped with marshmallows full of sweet potatoes and turkey and plenty of cranberry egg Benedict

In the US, calling the 4 th Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day (Thanksgiving Day), it is customary to eat with a family with gravy sauce and cranberry sauce with a round of turkey (turkey). Therefore, the Hawaiian casual restaurant "Eggs' n Things"Menu with plenty of turkey and cranberry appeared for a limited time from November 1 (Wednesday) to November 23 (Thursday). I went to eat quickly what kind of things I like with traditional sweets with plenty of turkey.

Thanksgiving menu with cranberries abundantly used from Eggs 'n Things Appearance Authentic American Thanks Giving can be enjoyed ~ THANKSGIVING DAY ~ Start selling on Wednesday, November 1 | Eggs' n Things

I came to Eggs' n Things.

There was a store sign in the "Thanksgiving" menu sign.

I sit in a guided seat and ordered a special menu. After waiting for about 10 minutes "Berry dressed pancake"(1680 yen tax excluded) first arrived.

Fresh cream is served fairly beside the pancake, and the mountain elevation is comparable to iPhone 6 with a long side of 138.1 mm.

On the top of the pancake is plenty of sauce and blueberries abundantly used sauces based on cranberries.

Pancakes are fluffy and light taste. Fresh cream is rich and very smooth, but never heavy. In addition, cranberries and nuts kneaded in fabric are good accent. Since it is a strong acidic source, the editorial staff who tasted it together said, "People who are not good at sweet things are likely to go lazy" with a comment.

This is"Roasted Turkey's Egg Benedict"(1500 yen tax excluded)

Hollandaise sauceOn the poached egg topped with, a chopped cranberry sauce jelly is topped.

When I put in the attached knife, melting and yolk are overflowing.

Below Poached Egg are roast turkey slices, cranberry sauce jelly slices, lettuce to cream cheese, English muffin.

It is mellow enough with Hollandaise sauce and cream cheese, but also the sweetness and sourness of cranberry sauce jelly, a flavor with depth.

Fried potatoes are crispy outside and gleeful inside. It has a strong scent of garlic and it is seasoned with punch effect.

"Turkey dish plateIt is (3980 yen tax excluded). Roast turkey A cranberry sauce is on top of the slice.

Comparing one slice of eight roast turkey with iPhone 6.

I will accompany you with asparagus. Turkey was officially introduced as "delicious flavor compared to chicken", but it certainly has a stronger taste than chicken and has not lost to sweet and sour cranberry sauce. Impression that the meat is hard but poorly than chicken. The combination of meat flavor and sweet and sour sauce was surprisingly ant, but from the editorial staff who tasted together, it is unpopular that "acidity is not bad but sweetness is not necessary", it is the taste of choosing people.

I found mashed potato under vegetables. Although potatoes are not powdery at all, rather surprisingly smooth. There is also a richness that the flavor of butter is clearly felt. This is perfect for a slightly hardened turkey meat.

This is"Marshmallow sweet potatoes"(1280 yen tax excluded). It is overwhelmed because the top of the pie dish is covered with whole-grilled marshmallows.

Feeling crispy when putting in a spoon. Immediately afterwards, the moist marshmallow's moist feeling is transmitted to the hands.

Under Marshmallow, there was Anno potato sweet, and under it there was a pancake seeped with syrup.

When eating a bite, marshmallow smiled slightly but in Trotoro, paste of Anno is very smooth. There was a voice that is sweet enough to soak up the head, "It seems to eat the concept of sweetness".

After meals, choose 3 kinds of beverages for this autumn limited drink. From the left is "Marmoworka" "Caramel nut Latte" "Cranberry Tea".

"MashmokaMarshmallows were spread over espresso (chopsticks 650 yen), and chocolate sauce was applied from the top. Marshmallows and chocolate sauce are sweet, but balanced with the bitterness of espresso.

"Caramel nut latte"(650 yen tax excluded), topped with crushed almonds on the cream of caffe latte. The compatibility of almond scent and bittersweet latte is outstanding.

"Cranberry tea"(650 yen tax excluded) is ordinary tea, but when you drink a bite you will be surprised by the considerable sweetness and sourness. Earl Gray and the fragrance of cranberry drift fluffily.

When I looked through the teapot, the fruit of cranberries floated along with the tea puck.

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