PS VR version "V! Heroes 'Husband' s Ridiculous R" Review as a God of Destruction to Raise Demons and Aim for World Conquest

"He is a brave man.And in 2007Sony Interactive EntertainmentGame series released from. Players have become a destroying god, manage demons, create a lot of core fans from the unique game nature that they defeat the brave who invades the dungeon and aim for world conquest. From such a "brave Nama" series,PSVRVR who plays on behalf of former prime minister "V! I'm blessed with a brave fellow R"Was released on October 14, 2017. Ten years after the series appeared, I tried to actually play and see what the evolved "勇 な ま" is.

Game software | V! It's cheerful to the brave fans R | Playstation

◆ What kind of game is "V! Heroes of Heroes of Heroes"?
A summary of the game of "V! Heroes of Heroes of Heroes" can be confirmed from the following official trailers.

"V! Heroes of Heroes of Heroes R" E 3 Trailer - YouTube

The logo of PlayStation®VR is displayed and the trailer starts. "V! Heroes of Heroes of Heroes" is a title exclusively for PSVR.

Master and Devil 's Musume to look into this place. This part is the same as the one at the beginning of the game main part.

It seems that players can not enter the world of the demon and the Musume due to the gap of the screen. Even in this volume, this part will be a 2D screen image.

Musume seems to have come up with something "That's right!"

Apparently, it seems like a poor home appliance and I'm trying to get through with it.

Musume 's unrelenting right straight is torn up against the demon who stops as "stooping god damn liaver".

When I open my eyes to the voice calling "destroying God", the player is in the world of VR. In this way, beyond the dimension wall, the main part of "V! Heroes of Heroes of Heroes" starts.

A fashionable logo opposite the Purple Satan Army and the light blue bravado line.

The PS4's controller will change to "God Kon".

It seems to conquer the world with Maou and Musume by making use of God Con.

"Enemies are brilliant braves." The brave also has many variations.

A player who became a destroyed god basically does not give a hand directly to the brave who attacks Satan's castle. Set monsters' nests from God Kon, breed demons in the world of food chains ... ...

Growing up, increasing demons and bases of the brave, and attacking the castle.

In addition to establishing monsters' nests in God Kong, they can also issue a military order to attack the base of the brave, and can release "destruction god skill" such as the only attack means "devil's ritual" ......

You can also suck the monsters into God Con and move them to another position. Carrying monsters to feed to areas where food is exhausted, or throwing monsters hanging in the vicinity of Magus Castle to the front line.

Also, if you inhale a certain number of monsters and shake the controller ... ...

Magic team will be created

From the magic square you can call a stronger demon "Demon". Musume responds to the demons of the magic team like a daughter responds with a movie "Daemon!", So it is also a good idea to try various things.

Various gimmicks are also on stage. There is a legendary sword ... ...

Desert stage

(Director isOhashiSo) and "I love everyone up to the big bridge!" Appears and stands as a difficult stage.

As you say, "A big world conquest in a small room!", I will not move from this room of the Devil's castle through the game. We will make Devil castle appear at each stage, we will proceed conquering looking down at the garden court.

At the end of the trailer, the scene where the brave attacks the Devil's castle is reflected sharply. The game over scene of this "VR only" is also worth seeing. Above all, it is amazing that there are too many variations of the brave being attacked.

Good morning at Satan's castle
I'm excited by the trailer and I'd like to actually play games from here. "V! Heroes of Heroes of Heroes" has a download version, but this time I got a package. For PSVR dedicated software, PS4 and PSVR are also essential.

When you start it is the OP movie that was on the trailer first. Following Musume 's right straight, the player (destroying god) wakes up at the Devil' s Castle. Introduction of the game and the like in the castle can be checked from the following movie.

"V! It is the best of the brave's habit R" It is like the Devil's castle

The place I woke up was the top of Satan's castle. Press the appropriate button to start.

Demon King welcomes the visit of the destroying god, "I was lightly disappointed because I got disappeared somewhere with a merciless right straight."

Self-introduction of Satan's gentleman. It is said that summoned a destroying God player.

Looking around, it's made quite solid, such as a fireplace, accessories, bookshelf. In the unlikely event, if you allow the castle to enter the demon castle, you will be assaulted by breaking the door in the center of the image.

On the right side of the player, chairs and designs of demons and things like closets, boards that are carrying out measures against braves, etc were arranged.

Demon King who talks hotly about the ambition of world conquest and Musume seems bored.

I think that Musume has gone away somewhere ......

He moved to the side of the player. In this way, Musume sometimes lined up next to each other.

◆ Concluded world of conquest of the world
The first three stages are tutorials. Because we will explain every single one carefully, even those who say "I do not know the brave Naka series in the first place" can be played comfortably. I tried digging the tutorial as a movie, so after confirming the following you should know how to play the game.

"V! Heroes of Heroes of Heroes R" Rigorously summarizing the tutorial in 90 seconds

With God Kon, he is the first step in world conquest.

The cursor which extends from God Kon will be aligned with the stage, and it is the invasion start.

The table switches to the stage, "Anko's Tower" emerges.

It attacks Angoaku Tower and when the durability value becomes 0, the game is over.

When you press the four-way controller key, the demon's nest is displayed on hand.

We set up a monstrous nest in our villain dyed purple and expand our territory.

"Nizirigoke" activates plants called "Demons of Destruction" to grow and propagate. Let's set up a nest near the devil.

Moss grows and sprinkle spores ......

I breed back and forth. Be careful as excessive breeding will cause depletion of evil demons to be exhausted.

A brave appeared from the base.

The first brave can easily beat, but over time a mighty brave will appear. "7 days and 7 hours to the conquest deadline" displayed at the upper right of the image is not a time limit, but after this time a lot of very powerful braves will appear and will be attacked at once.

Once the demon grows up and breeds, it attacks the base and castle of the brave with the destroying God skill "Magical Advance". You can check the state of taking off the castle with "evil army" in the following movie.

Raiding the castle with 'Magical Advance' @ V! It's a brave fellow R

The destructive god skill "Magical Advance" is invoked, point to the castle to be attacked.

Usually monsters that do not move so much from around the nest and the food are advanced in unison at the same time under the life of the destroying god.

Let's change the point of view and watch over the invasion to the castle. "Gazi fly" which grew "Gadigadogushi" to eat moss attacked the castle.

When you cast off the castle, it clears and the result is displayed. Increasing a lot of demons and growing strongly will increase the "military power" and the score will be high. Since rank is up to S above A, I want to aim for a high score by challenging many times.

Musume compliments the stage clearance.

◆ Destruction God rarely ranks S
I tried invading to acquire rating S ranking by making full use of what I learned in the tutorial. The state of the challenge can be confirmed from the following movie. Be careful as the screen shakes as VR's play movie.

Challenge to earn S rank with "V! Heroes of Heroes of Heroes R"

Challenge in the desert stage. In the tutorials, the mushrooms and the Musi tribe are slow in growth and breeding, so initially we tried to set up the "Element" family which breeds the Devil as a nutrient source and the "Lilith" tribe which feeds elements . The Lilith tribe is weak instead of being able to attack long distances, and because it is flying in the sky, it is a cute and excellent demon that is hardly affected by stage gimmicks.

As Lilith propagates, suck in before it increases too much ......

Generate a magic square. To summon "Demon" that appeared in the trailer, "demilitarized power" of the demon inhaled is 50, but this time it was the magic square of military power 70.

"Gargoy" appears from the magic square set up. Although durability is low, the attack power is high, and it is an excellent synthetic demon that will also attack long distances. Aggressively attacking too much, it is scratched that it falls surrounded by braves and collapses.

When "Charisma" to install monsters' nest becomes insufficient, it attacks the base with the "advance of the devil" and defeats the hero of the base and acquires "Charisma".

We further synthesized "Gargoy" and summoned a more powerful "Harpy". In this way, it is a shortcut to high score to synthesize powerful demons more and more.

If enough demons are available, let's begin the advance to the castle.

Even if "Charisma" remains, you get a bonus score, but considering that points with a higher number of demons are higher, a lot of nests are set up in the last sport.

I attacked the castle and won S rank safely. It is a good idea to summon a powerful synthetic devil. It is difficult to acquire a high rank because it increases the difficulty level as strong monsters are knocked down, but it is fun to create their own good ideas and challenge.

◆ Musume (cute)
When clearing the stage and returning to the map screen, there are times when Musume is concerned with this as flickering. Several conversation events occurred when I looked around Musume over and over. I tried putting only one conversation event in the movie, so please be sure to get drunk with the charm of Musume.

"V! Heroes of Heroes of Heroes R" Musume Conversation Event

Having a glaring eye on here ... ...

Musume seemingly pierced eyes. Turn your eyes firmly and look back, the conversation event starts.

Moussu praised as "I'm pretty good".

When it moves excitedly with close proximity, the body squirms off somehow. this isCross-modal phenomenonIt seems to be said that it is a phenomenon that it is an illusion of body temperature and tactile sensation only by the image by VR and the sound with perspective.

Meta statements that seem to be "such as this event" and "brave real" also pop out.

"V! Heroes of Heroes of Heroes" is packaged version of 4,900 yen and downloaded version is 5292 yen. There may be a frustrating part for those who say "I want to act nicely!", Such as having time to "wait" to breed demons and busy managing monies' foods in the food chain, The pleasant feeling that uses, raises, and invades monsters is considerable. Thinking strategy by yourself, excitement when one breakthrough the difficult stage one. Because there is no watch in Demon castle, he was in a deep VR game that needed to be aware that playing for too many hours being too hot.

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