Facebook develops a system that automatically creates avatars from photos

"As a user's alter ego"Avatar"Is like" another person on line online "that you use for games and services on the Internet. Some people say that it takes time to reproduce detailed details when creating an avatar, but Facebook's system under development will shortcut such a time with a single photo at a stroke You may be like.

Facebook research automatically creates an avatar from a photo | TechCrunch

Computer visionIt is an international conference onICCV 2017amongAnnouncementAccording to a published paper, Facebook seems to be using a machine learning system to develop a generator that creates emoji similar to the actual user 's face.

The following image is an example where the generator created an avatar from the picture on the upper left. Multiple version avatars can be created from one photo.

Google also developed a similar generatorHowever, Google's things recognize facial parts such as "curly hair" and "low nose" from facial photographs, and form avatars using pre-created parts.

On the other hand, Facebook generator is a system that creates user's avatar from scratch using facial pictures using tools at hand. Analysis of "photo" and "avatar" generated by the system as if it were two different photos of the same person. Furthermore, judging by using a feature identification algorithm seems to be finished in an image similar to a photo with an avatar.

In the following figure, the picture at the left end is a picture, the next to the right of it is a "pictograph made with hand-drawn" for comparison, different algorithms are executed from there to the right, finally the right end "Avatar" in the finished form at

TechCrunch, an international news media, says "Facebook can use this system for a variety of purposes."

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