I tried a Lawson limited ice bar of rich marron chocolate "Cherio adult rich Mont Blanc"

Put chocolate in the vanilla ice cream, wrapped in milk chocolate with peanuts, chocolate morning milk ice creamCherio, Lawson limited flavor from October 24 (Tuesday), 2017 "Celio rich Mont Blanc of adults"Has appeared. I put a good crushing "Maron Choco" in vanilla ice cream that made "wine" effective, and then coat it with another type of "Maron Choco" to enjoy "like a Mont Blanc taste" about. I tried it at once.

Morimkuri Celio Adult's rich Mont Blanc 【Lawson Limited Items】 | Lawson

Arrived at Lawson.

When I went to a frozen showcase where ice creams were lined up, I found an indication of 'Cherio adult' s rich Mont Blanc 'on the glass lid.

And I also found "Cherio adults rich Mont Blanc" beneath the display.

I bought "Cherio adults rich Mont Blanc".

The package looks something like this.

Illustration depicting cake Mont Blanc on the left side of the package.

On the right side, sections and commentary describing the taste and texture of the texture were drawn. I feel crisp and crispy with Graham cookies.

"Ice cream" with many milk fat by type. Raw material is starredCherioI do not care about the description of "malon powder" "cookie chip" "rum".

Calorie is "290 kcal" per one

In addition, "Cherio adult rich Mont Blanc" contains a small amount of alcohol. Alcohol content is a small amount of less than 0.1%, but when people who are vulnerable to liquor eat, instructions to remind attention were stated.

When you take it out of the package, there is a scent of marron slightly. You can see where on the surface of the brown "Maron Choco", the Tsubutubu "Graham Cookie" is scattered.

As soon as you eat, the coated 'Marron Choco' is crispy, and the scent and taste of marron are refreshing. "Graham cookie" is crispy in texture. And I will make the creamy taste of white vanilla ice entering inside "sake" of the material purely. The fragrance of "wine" drifts in the mouth, and it feels the catch phrase "adult ~".

As I was eating up, another kind of "malon chocolate" in vanilla iced sauce came out, and the smell of thick malon spread. The coated "Maron Chocolate" had a crisp texture, and the taste and fragrance were pleasant. On the other hand, another type of 'malon chocolate' contained in the inside is soft but soft in texture, melts quickly in the mouth, and the taste and aroma of malon are thick.

"Maron chocolate" was included as a tappuri accounting for one-third of the ice cream.

"Cherio adult rich Mont Blanc" is a crispy texture of malon chocolate and crispy "Graham cookie", crispy and rich in taste and two kinds of malon chocolate and creamy vanilla ice, in the mouth "Maron "And" liquor "richly fragrant. While making a marron, it was an ice cream with a variety of fun. "Cherio adult rich Mont Blanc" is on sale on October 24, 2017 (Tuesday) in Lawson throughout the country at 173 yen (tax included).

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