Tesla's car seems to be able to predict where the driver is going to go in the future

BySteve Jurvetson

Tesla CEO Eulon Mask revealed on Twitter that AI (artificial intelligence) scheduled to be installed in the near future for all of the company will be able to predict where the driver is going.

Elon Musk: The AI ​​in Tesla's Cars Will be Able to Predict Your Destination

On October 20, 2017, Twitter user James Hervey (@ jamesbarr 1991) Said to Mr. Mask "I think it is not the first time to propose this, but I think it would be great if you drive by simply telling the place you want to get on the car." Mr. Mask answered, "In many cases, you will not need to ask you."

In other words, the car will automatically bring the driver to where it will be the destination. Since Tesla car has been equipped with auto pilot function since 2014 and has been improving many times, "When getting on the car and telling the destination, the destination will be set by voice recognition and will be carried automatically automatically" I understand that, "It will not be necessary to tell the destination" until it has not reached. In this question, the answer is indicated by another exchange.

Mr. Hervey and Mr. Mask interacted with Next Spaceflight (@nextspaceflight) Says, "Maybe we predict that this person will go to work, that thing to ride the car at 7 o'clock in the morning," tweets from the side. Mr. Mask, on the other hand, responded "Yes, not necessarily Sherlock Holmes."

In the future Tesla cars will be equipped with AI and if you read and understand this exchange, the car is thought to predict "where you are going" by learning behavior patterns. Speaking of Mr. MaskA person advocating "AI threat theory"It is known as Tesla car AI stepping into privacy beyond behavior pattern learning and there is no fear of analyzing the driver.

By the way, it is reported that Tesla has reached an agreement with the city authorities by establishing a wholly owned production base in Shanghai, China. I think that some people thought "That is wholly owned" by asking "wholly owned", but in China it is basically mandatory to have a joint venture with a local company when a foreign-affiliated company puts a corporation in China . However, when Tesla chooses wholly equity investment, it will not be exempted from the 25% customs duty that was originally expected to be escaped. Nevertheless, Tesla seems to have decided to build a new factory, considering that it is advantageous to be able to lower production costs.

US Tesla: Agreement to establish a wholly owned production base with Shanghai - WSJ - Bloomberg

At present, in the United States, under the "American first" policy of President Trump, while the power to pull back the manufacturing industry back to the United States is working strongly, when Tesla decided to advance to China, this is quite an interesting event I guess. In addition, Tesla is currently experiencing troubles in the production of "Model 3" in the popular price range model, and the situation where production pace does not rise easily continues. While Mr. Mask 's theory of responsibility is getting tangled up, I'm also wondering what it means to be judged to open a new production base at this timing.

Rice Tesla: The production pace of "Model 3" does not rise - less than 20% of the plan - Bloomberg

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