Dow Jones' fictional news that "Google acquires Apple for 1 trillion yen" Apple's stock price soared

ByTsahi Levent-Levi

Well, if Dow Jones delivered the "Century Buyback Drama" that Google purchased Apple, Apple's stock price rose. It is the biggest big news everyone is amazed, but in fact I know that it was misinformation due to Dow Jones system error.

Dow Jones technical error spreads fake news story of Google acquiring Apple | 9to5Mac

The contents of the news delivered by Dow Jones is like this. "Google's Larry Page and former Steve Jobs are discussing secretly and the merger was also noted in Mr. Jobs's consent Merger negotiations reaching today agreement that Google shareholders Gets 9 shares of Apple shares for one owning.Of course, Google relocates to Apple's glittering new headquarters, Google's employee said "yes" about this matter, as if it were I understood that it was contents.

Even at Twitter, the headline of the news that Dow Jones delivered has been released, and here is the heading "Google buys Apple for $ 9 billion (about 1 trillion yen)" heading.

Following this false alarm, Apple's stock price soared by about 2 dollars from 156 dollars to 158 dollars (about 17,500 yen → about 17,700 yen). But this movement happened right after the delivery of Dow Jones and because the time was too short for human beings to ascertain its truth and to respond, it is actually due to a bot that buys and sells shares automatically It was thought that it was. Apple's stock price has since returned to its original level.

Immediately after this one, Dow Jones announced that the content delivered was wrong. For 9 to 5 Mac who reported the first report, Dow Jones said, "Please ignore the news headlines that were delivered from 9:34 am to 9:36 am Eastern time, these news were delivered due to technical errors The relevant news has been deleted from the distribution network and we apologize for the occurrence of the error. "

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