The worst gun shooting incident in the history of the Americas in Las Vegas occurred, confusion spreading at various levels even in the net world

In the evening of October 1, 2017 local time, a gun shooting incident aimed at the festival venue of country music which had been held in Las Vegas occurred. In the method of shooting audiences who were gathered at concert venues with automatic rifles from rooms on the 32nd floor of the hotel which is about 400 meters from the concert venue, the misery of 59 people dead and injured about 600 at the time of article creation It is becoming. Steven Paddock, a 64-year-old man suspected of causing the incident, knows he had committed suicide in the hotel room after the incident.

◆ Smartphone cameras fit the scene of the incident
Thanks to the spread of smartphones, the people who were in the venue record the vivid situation right after the incident. Below is a collection of images showing the situation immediately after the incident, but some of the images include those that can not be watched unless you log in because of age restrictions. In the following movies, people shrinking into the audience seats, people trying to escape, and shooting guns bathed in a way to catch up with the gunshot are gathered.

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Shooting October 1, 2017 - YouTube

The first gunshot is heard when the singer is singing at an ordinary concert, and gradually notices the strange things.

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Shooting October 1, 2017 - YouTube

At the time of the incident, country singer Jason Aldeen was live. In the image being taken from the place that can overlook the venue, the appearance that the performance is canceled on the way, audiences puzzled, and the screaming screaming appearance.

Jason Aldean on stage Eyewitness Views #BREAKING - YouTube

◆ What is Steven Paddock suspect who caused the incident
For Paddock suspected of shooting gun shooting, it is reported that the father was a bank robber who had been wanted by FBI once, but he himself has no criminal record other than a traffic violation and is marked by an investigative agency He said that he never did. As a result, why such incidents have been reached is still in a state of mystery, but many guns and bullets are found from the hotel room and the house where I stayed. For Paddock's younger brother as well, the incident seemed to be surprised and it seems that he can not hide the surprise as "It seems that he met a meteorite."

Las Vegas Shooting, At least 59 Deaths 527 Injuries and Police - BBC News

Discover at least 10 guns including rifle in the hotel room. Suspect said that he stayed in the same room from September 28.

Las Vegas police officer Joe Lombard wrote a house search for suspects' houses in Mesquite, about 130 kilometers northeast of Las Vegas at a press conference on the afternoon of the afternoon, and found that more guns, explosives, and bullets were discovered talked. The suspect lived in an emerging residential area where many pensioners live.

Eric Paddock, a younger brother living in Orlando, Florida, told the US media, "It seems that he seems to have met with a meteorite", said he was completely embarrassed about his brother's motive. It was the last interaction that sent e-mail worried about a 90-year-old mother when a power outage around Orlando occurred in a hurricane. He also helped suspects carry baggage when moving to Mesquite, but he said, "I did not have a machine gun at that time."

In addition, it is also reported that the suspects liked gambling, but the relationship with the incident is unknown.

US NBC News reported that suspects who liked to gamble in Las Vegas as a local police story seemed to have used "tens of thousands of dollars" as a gamble in recent days. It is unknown whether the suspects won or got lost in gambling, whether it is related to the incident or not.

Paddock purchased a semi-automatic gun before the incident, but it is also told that the possibility of using a device called "trigger crank" to increase the fireproofness.

【Las Vegas gun shooting】 Uninterrupted shooting "Trigger · Crank" using or dead to 59 people (1/2 page) - Sankei news

Steven Paddock, 64, was found to have been using a device called "trigger crank" to shoot bullets consistently without interruption, the day said. American paper Today reported as an expert's view.

After the incident, Islamic militant group IS ("Muslim country") issued a statement and claimed that Paddock was a "soldier" of IS and converted to Muslims several months before the incident. However, the FBI denies this claim.

Las Vegas gun shooting, IS made a statement Statement FBI is denied (AFP = current affair) - Yahoo! News

In a statement issued by the propaganda agency Amac (Amaq) under the umbrella on the Internet, IS insisted that the case was in response to a call to target the countries participating in the anti-IS sweeping strategy against IS. I just do not show any evidence to support that claim.

"Aaron Rouse special investigator, who oversees the FBI Las Vegas branch, said," We have now seen that there is no relationship between the incident and the international terrorist organization. "

President Cardhan criticizes the crime as "evil work". Naturally, the situation calling for gun control is rising, but Mr. Trump, which is a big support group by NRA (National Rifle Association), does not say anything about gun control at the time of article creation.

【Las Vegas gun shooting】 Mr. Trump, the crime committed "visiting the evil" and condemned local visit on 4th - Sankei news

【Las Vegas gun shooting】 Political turmoil over gun control again Trump regime "premature" (1 / 2page) - Sankei news

In the official Twitter account, which is de facto Mr. Trump 's new public information tool, the memorial words and the content "God bless you!" Are tweeted to the victims of the incident. Up until now, President Trump has insisted that "extremists are risking the United States of America", but it is interesting to see what kind of reaction will be shown by the case of the American citizen.

The shooting was done from a room of the hotel "Mandalay Bay" located about 400 meters from the concert venue, and Paddock suspected to break the window glass and point the gun to the venue. Daily Mail Online explains the situation with illustration.

Las Vegas shooting at Mandalay Bay Casino hotel | Daily Mail Online

◆ After the incident, the world of the net is rough
It is a good place for the net and SNS to get information from the general people who were in the area right away, but on the other hand trying to use it for movement inducing traffic, fake news, or propaganda Movement is seen, etc. Information is not necessarily accurate but it is in a state of mixed cobblestone.

Search and social media was filled with clickbait and propaganda in the wake of Vegas shooting | TechCrunch

Many people are searching for information on the net, but in Facebook and other SNS there is a situation where wasteful information is hit and waste of time has occurred. Of course, each service and Google seems to be working to improve important information to hit the top, but TechCrunch points out that the current situation is that countermeasures have not kept up. In the "Safety Check" page where you can check the safety of acquaintances on Facebook, an extremely right blogger posted an entry "The incident was caused by a crooked person in the extreme left" or Google posted "4chan" thread as an information source It is said that events that hurt the danger such as doing are seen.

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