It's not just a shocking appearance, I've eaten "Halloween special menu" of Kura Sushi afternoon

"Chocolate put in a period during" Valentine "was sandwiched between bread"Shari chocolate bread"In the Setsubun, Ehuma Roll wrapped whole sardinesWhole sardinesWe have provided ambitious menus such as "Kura SushiHowever, "Halloween is Kura Sushi" and "Halloween special menu"Was developed. A total of four new menus will appear in the limited time period from October 13 (Fri) to October 31 (Tue). "Halloween special menu" is "Enjoy Halloween with important people and Kura Sushi"Provide the option of "SNS shoot and enjoy pictures to shoot"So, as I had opportunities to eat ahead of them, I went there.

Kurasushi's first "Halloween special menu" will be released - From October 13 (Fri) to October 31 (Tue) ~ | Kyodo News PR Wire (press release)

Arrived at Kura Sushi.

Because the peak lunch had passed, the inside of the store was vacant. We prepare for a new menu at the guided box seats.

First of allDisappearing ghost monkey curryFrom (399 yen tax included), normalShari curry"Curry sauce" and the rice part is made of "Shari" made of vinegar, but "Curry of the disappearing black curry" is blackish curry sauce and black "Dark curry sauce"On top of Shari is"Pure white cotton candyStill, a pretty ghost plate is stuck in it.

If it says something purple is "Special mayonnaise sauce of purple cabbage".

First of all, I will eat only "black curry sauce" which became black with Ikashimi. As for how black it is, with the naked eye it is difficult to judge the boundary between black spoon and black curry sauce. Contrary to the appearance there is no smell of squid and spicy smell of spice. The moment I put it in my mouth I felt it was a sweet curry, but I heard that the spicy spirits quickly spread to the mouth and the seasoning of spicy about spice was effective.

When trying to eat with Shari with "purple cabbage special sauce Mayo sauce", Mayo sauce mellows a spicy black curry sauce and Shari's vinegar refreshes the aftertaste as much as possible.

"White cotton candy" on Shari has imagined "Okake". Let's eat "Dark curry sauce" with "Shari made with purple cabbage special sauce Mayo sauce".

First, we will apply "dark curry sauce" to "cotton candy".

Then the cotton candy melts ... ....

Reproducing the "ghost disappears into the darkness" figure, the melted cotton candy will be matched with Shari.

When you eat together Shari and curry sauce, you will feel a sense of unity with sweet chari and crispy spicy black curry sauce that "cabbage special sauce mayoes" wraps mildly. Before eating, I had resistance to "Put sweet cotton candy on rice" but it was matched.

next"Witch's prawn Maya"(216 yen including tax). The usual "special shrimp Mayo" puts mayonnaise sauce on fried shrimp, but "witch's prawn Mayo" against "shrimp with special purple cabbage" on fried shrimp.

Purple and yellow drew stunning striped patterns.

As I approached with chopsticks, my appetite came out with the freshly baked clothes and the fragrant smell of shrimp that I could not imagine from the appearance.

When I try to eat, the clothing to be fried is crispy, the body of the shrimp is prepure and the texture is good. Taste is shrimp umami with mayonnaise as an accent. The image is close to the aurora sauce of Chinese shrimp.

"Halloween special menu" has two kinds of sweets. First of all, it reproduces the "horror image" of the witch, and it is somewhat grotesque "Witch's Spear"(270 yen including tax) I will eat from.

Size is like this when compared with iPhone SE.

It is "Marshmallow" that is arranged like a white tooth, the red like blood overflowing from the interior is "raspberry sauce", the gray part is "ice of milk flavored black with bamboo charcoal", and the whole Wrapped in "waffle" to make it cute. There is only one "cocoa powder" on the teeth of marshmallows, expressing "decayed teeth".

I try to eat with a hand.

After eating, after waffle 's fluffy texture and modest sweetness, a soft texture of marshmallows and cold ice is added. And the sourness of raspberry sauce makes it refreshing aftertaste.

Next is the expression of the eyeball "A fearful eyeball moose"(108 yen including tax) I will eat. "Chocolate" which expresses black eyes is on, it is made of red "strawberry jelly", white "milk mousse".

The size is slightly smaller than the palm, compared with iPhone SE like this.

You can make a huge face by arranging 'Witch's Hikigi' and 'Fear's Eye Mousse' in 'Halloween Special Menu' we ate earlier.

I tried to break the inside with a spoon as a fearful mouth.

Bright red strawberry sauce that imaged "blood" from inside will flow out with Toro.

Sweetness Moderate and creamy milk mousse and acidity of strawberry sauce. When you eat with strawberry jelly together it becomes accent of texture, and when you eat it with chocolate it increases the variation to the taste of bitter chocolate.

It was a shocking looking menu, but it was a new menu that feels commitment to try to balance taste and appearance. The "Halloween special menu" can not take away, in the country of the saddle sushi shop, it is offered for a limited period of October 13, from the (gold) until Halloween day of October 31 (Tuesday).

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