I ate a donut "Papa Dazzins" for Krispy Cream's father's day

Krispy Cream Donut last month for Mother's Day Donut"Mama Dazzling Half" and "Mama Dazzen"We released a special "Papa Donut" for Father's Day from Wednesday, June 11 "Papa Dazzling Half"When"Papa DazzinWe will release. I already bought a box for my mother 's day, so I bought a box for my father' s day.

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"Papa Dazzling Half" and "Papa Dazzins" package look like this. If you can not open the box "Mama Dazzling Half" and "Mama Dazzen" the same design.

The decoration attached to the box is the same as Mama Dazun ......

There is a place to write a message.

A seal on Father's Day was also prepared.

I will open it at once.

When opening, "Papa Dazzling Half" has 6 pieces, "Papa Dazzins" contains 12 pieces of donuts. The contents are papa donuts, original · glazed, cookie vanilla, tiramisu, creme brulee.

The papa donut with its face drawn in any box. It is a box only, not sold separately.

A face is drawn with white chocolate on chocolate ... ...

Hair is represented by nuts. I will eat it.

A heavyweight donut that chocolate melts in the mouth, adding fluffy custard to fluffy donut fabric. The taste and sweetness of chocolate are rich, and there is richness of custard cream. The nuts are good with the chocolate and the crispy texture is good. Just because it is quite sweet, coffee is said to be essential for this donut.

Original · glazed is a representative menu that exists since the founding of Krispy · cream · donuts. When I ate "Mom Dazzen", I warmed up and ate, so I try to eat without warming this time.

Because the temperature has risen slightly in June, the glaze on the surface is slightly melted, it feels sticky. Because I just bought it, the fabric was fluffy, but it seems that you can enjoy the texture of the dough better if you warm it up. Again the sweetness is intense.

Cookie vanilla is plenty of vanilla cream with chocolate cookie crunch and plenty of donuts drawn stripes with bitter chocolate.

The taste of cream and chocolate is rich and this is also a heavyweight donut. You can enjoy the crispy texture of cookie and fluffy feeling of donut at the same time.Haagen-Dazs cookie & amp; creamIf you like it you ask me for a mistake.

Tiramisu said "World Dolce Cup"Campaign donut, made with consciousness of Italy.

The bitter taste of coffee sauce and cocoa powder is strengthened to Masukarpune 's neat and rich filling, and it is quite sharp taste. It seems better to eat this donut with a drink such as coffee.

Claim brulee is also a world limited donut of the World Dolce Cup, made with consciousness of France.

The caramel and the filling feels the taste of egg are mixed and finished in taste like custard pudding. Caramel candy is crispy texture, fragrant taste.

In addition, 'Papa Dazzling Half' is 1200 yen including tax, 'Papa Dazzin' is 2000 yen including tax and is sold for 5 days from June 11 (Wednesday) to June 15 (Sun).

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