Apple's Tim Cook CEO "Value Price" for iPhone X exceeding 110,000 yen commented

Finally "iPhone X"It is a bunch of new features and new elements such as stainless steel casing, face ID of face authentication function, and other new elements that do not have a bezelless design ever before, but from now 112 2800 yen (from 999 dollars) The price has become much higher than the iPhone series of. However Apple's Tim Cook CEO says that the price of iPhone X is "value price".

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Announced iPhone XApple Special EventAfter that, Apple's CEO Tim Cook answered the interview for the first time. The interview was conducted on a news program "Good Morning America"Hosted by Robin Roberts.

Mr. Roberts asked about the security of iPhone X and Face ID security When asked if consumers need to worry, Cook CEO keeps "your" privacy rather than "our" because we Because we understand that the data to protect is "yours" rather than "ours." And if you bring your face in front of iPhone X, this will be a mobile phone The Apple does not have data, we will encrypt the data on your terminal and Face ID will judge who has the terminal. "

Good Morning America also accepts questions from viewers and asks, "I understand inflation etc., but do not you think that iPhone X is an unreachable price for average Americans?" Will be cast to Cook's CEO.

Meanwhile, Cook CEO said, "This price is value-priced from the technology you actually get, as long as a lot of people purchase mobile phones for long-term installments In other words, there are few people who pays in bulk at the beginning, most people are trade-in the terminal that used it, some telecommunications carriers subsidize And a discount system are also being implemented.In particular, the iPhone plays a very important role in everyday life, and people are increasingly desirous of it, so we are more convenient It incorporates more and more technologies so that it will become ". In other words, Cook CEO's answer was that iPhone X packed technologies that cost more than the price.

You can see the picture when Cook CEO appeared on Good Morning America from the following.

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