Movie summary that understands how the real machine of "iPhone X" feels

It will appear in the year of the milestone that will be the 10th anniversary of the birth of the iPhoneiPhone X"Was held on September 13, 2017Apple Special EventIt was finally announced in. VariousOwasaAlthough iPhone X has come across, after the event the touch & try corner of the real machine is set up in the meeting place of the presentation, and there are many movies showing what kind of terminal it is actually in hand It is.

iPhone X - Apple (Japan)

Below is a hands-on movie of iPhone X by CNET. You can see the appearance of iPhone X's appearance, animated characters, unlocked by FaceID in high resolution movies.

iPhone X: an early first look - YouTube

The back of the iPhone X is a glass panel, but it seems that after the fingerprints become conspicuous slightly when you see the movie.

Because it is a glass panel, near people reflect and reflect.

The side part is not a conventional aluminum casing, it adopts the same stainless steel as Apple Watch.

There is shiny, people who have iPhone X on the surface are reflected.

The display size is 5.8 inches and an OLED (organic EL display) which is larger than the iPhone 8 Plus by 0.3 inches is carried, the resolution is 2436 × 1125 pixels, the pixel density is 458 ppi. Of course, 3D Touch correspondence, maximum brightness 625 cd / m 2, fingerprint-resistant oil-repellent coating is also given.

It is larger than iPhone 8, 143.6 mm in length, 70.9 mm in width, 7.7 mm in thickness, 174 g in weight, more compact than the iPhone 8 Plus. Because iPhone 7 is 138 g and iPhone 7 Plus is 188 g, it seems that it is as close to iPhone 7 Plus as the weight.

The upper part of the display feels that the area where the microphone and the in-camera TrueDepth camera are located is recessed. The clock is displayed on the left side of the TrueDepth camera, and the antenna and the remaining battery power are shown compactly on the right side.

We are also experimenting with animated characters utilizing TrueDepth camera's advanced face recognition function.

Animals on the screen change facial expressions with facial expressions.

It seems that the direction of the face is also being detected firmly.

Tilting the iPhone X put it into sleep mode.

Tap the screen ......

The lock screen will be displayed. At this stage the lock icon displayed above the watch is closed ... ...

TrueDepth When the camera recognizes a face, the key icon opens. That means that the lock was released. In the case of Touch ID, I had to put my finger on the home button, but if it was the face ID of iPhone X it would not even be necessary.

Just tap the white bar at the bottom of the screen ... ...

Swipe up the screen.

Then it will move to the home screen.

In addition, the appearance of wireless charging with iPhone X is also taken.

Then, instead of the missing home button, a movie that shows how to return to the home screen and start Siri or Apple Pay.

Hands on w / iPhone X! - YouTube

Launch Apple web browser Safari

The web page will be displayed on the full 5.8 inch screen. The amount of information that can be displayed on the screen seems quite large.

To return to the home screen from here, tap the bar at the bottom of the screen ... ...

Swipe upward.

Then I returned to the home screen. It is sensibly similar to the operation to display the control center with iOS 10.

Display the application, tap the bar at the bottom of the screen and bring your finger up to the upper half of the display ...

In this way, the multitasking screen is displayed when the Home button is pressed twice.

When I press and hold the power button on the side of the main unit in the sleep state ......

Siri launched

Double tap will launch Apple Pay.

In iPhone 8, portrait mode can only be used with the main camera, but since the in camera is a TrueDepth camera in iPhone X, portrait mode can also be used in in camera.

You can change the lighting and shoot more beautiful photos.

It seems that you will experience the awesomeness of portrait mode with photos taken in advance.

It is a black and white background whose background is black ... ...

Actually it was a picture taken outdoors as follows.

In portrait mode you can change the lighting or make a picture with no background like the one below.

Also a movie by Engadget of overseas technology media.

iPhone X hands-on live from Apple Event 2017 - YouTube

The side of iPhone X


AirPower mat of Apple official wireless charging mat was also exhibited.

The Proactive Assistant screen on the left of the home screen.

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