iOS 11 will be equipped with new features that will bother investigators

ByHamza Butt

Finally the new iPhone "iPhone X" will appear in early September 13, 2017 of Japan time. At the same timingiOS 11Is supposed to appear, but in this version new functions have been added to protect privacy, it is becoming more difficult for people other than the person to see the data of the contents to be more than in the past It seems.

Apple's iOS 11 has a hidden security feature that cops will hate

According to Mashable, iOS 11 says that two security functions are added extensively. One of them is to invalidate Touch ID by quickly hitting the home button five times. When the fingerprint authentication becomes unusable, since it becomes the state that there is only the technique to enter the password in order to unlock the iPhone anymore, it is unlikely that the lock will be released and the contents will be seen while sleeping Become.

Meanwhile, if criminals who have data that should not be seen use this function, it will affect the subsequent investigation. In the law of the United States, it is possible for the police to force the interrogator to release the fingerprint lock, but it is not permitted to force release of the password lock.

ByKārlis Dambrāns

And another new feature is hidden in the behavior when iPhone, iPad etc connected to PC by cable. Even with the OS up to iOS 10, when connecting the iPhone to the PC with the cable, the confirmation message "Do you trust this computer?" is displayed on the iPhone screen, but this function has been enhanced Pattern. Until now, it was possible to access the contents data simply by tapping "yes", but from iOS 11 you will be asked to enter the passcode after tapping "yes".

In other words, even if a person other than the principal attempts to access the data in the terminal, if it does not know the passcode, that hurdle will rise at once. Furthermore, for this unlockTouchID can not be used, Cancellation by passcode becomes essential, so it can be said that the protection of data is markedly improved.

ByPhilip Brookes

In the iOS 11 which adds guard by invalidating TouchID and double guard called guard when sucking contents data, privacy protection of users is greatly improved. However, on the other hand, it may be inevitable that the balance with ease of investigation necessary for elucidating the incident etc. always becomes a trade-off relationship.

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