Next-generation speed bumps that will settle and get in the way when trying to pass at a certain speed or more

On the school roads, unevenness (speed bump) may be provided on the road surface to reduce the running speed of the car. The problem of the speed bump is that cars that are keeping the speed limit will be shocked and shocked when they pass. SpanishBadennovaManufacturers have developed this "next generation speed bump" that obstructs this problem and becomes an obstacle only for vehicles that do not keep speed.

The intelligent Speed ​​bump by Badennova.avi - YouTube

Road with 50 km / h limit.

Such a speed bump is provided so that the car does not put too much speed.

As I arrived at the bump, the car was "Gotong" and moved up and down greatly.

But Badennnova's speed bump ......

If you keep speed, you can get over lightly as "Puyon".

This is in the bumpNon-Newtonian fluidBecause it is packed.

For the part that can run at the proper speed, the fluid flows directly to the left and right of the tire, so it will not receive shocks ....

If the speed is too high, the fluid will become hard and will be shocked just like a normal speed bump.

In the second half, the response of the fluid clogged inside is shown clearly. When a woman sinks his finger slowly ... ...

Just as if you were putting your finger in a swamp, it will fill up with Zubuzub.

But if you make momentum and hit a fluid ......

Unlike the previous one, the hand stopped at the surface. The fluid is also beaten shock, the whole is waving large.

The video was released in 2010, Spain'sVillanueva de TapiaIt was said that it was actually introduced in the town called. If there is no problem with cost or durability, I feel like I can spread more.

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