Electric monkey "Enicycle" which is essential for driving and does not require rowing

The original moped (bicycle with a prime mover) that is handy for postal service, newspaper delivery, and a bit of shopping, originally originated from mounting a small engine on a bicycle. At first it seems that the kit for attaching the engine to the bicycle was on sale, but eventually it has become an intermediate ride between the motorcycle and the bicycle.

However, while riding a pedal the same as a bicycle, a unicycle was used in physical education classes or used in a circus at best, there was no evolutionary form. Were you looking at that, the Slovenian inventor Aleksander Poluntik developed the electric unicycle "Enicycle" equipped with an engine on a unicycle. The appearance of Enicycle just like a sitting on a chair with just a sense of balance is slightly eerie, and it is attacked by a feeling like when you first saw a Segway.

Details are as below.

This is Enicycle.

It seems to be rechargeable.

The structure seems to be pretty simple.

The pedal part is foldable.

Developer Aleksander Poluntik and Enicycle.

It is like this where you are actually riding. When accelerating, I will push your body forward.

Conversely, when you want to apply a brake a little center of gravity behind.

Turn left and right with your hands in your pocket. It seems to bend if you apply a little strength to the pedal.

Continue to work. I can keep it in a little space next to the desk.

Here the reporter challenges Enicycle. At first it is struggling, but I am going to have a good time.

YouTube - Gadget Show - Enicycle

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