Is "water-soluble bikini" really soluble in water?

The water-soluble ladies' swimwear called Get Naked Bikini (Naked Become Bikini) released in Germany recently became a topic on the internet,Voices of protests from women's groupsAlthough it seems that it went up also, a movie that verified whether this bikini melts in water in three minutes is truly fruit appeared.

Although it is a commodity as if the dream of junior high school students was made to be reality, there is something the women who do not know without knowing the damage suffered, the thing that the women's group can nod to protest There is.

Details are as below. This is the item. Material ispolyamide80%,PolyurethaneIt is 20%.

It seems that it is available at about 10 to 15 euro (about 1350 to 2000 yen) at Internet mail order, and it is sold at 9.99 euros (about 1350 yen) at the following site. "It looks like an ordinary bikini, but it gets ridiculous when it gets in water for 3 minutes!"

Water soluble bikini

Example of wearing. Sure it looks like a normal bikini.

The videos that verified whether this bikini really melts in water are as follows.

Video: Clint test de oplosbare bikini | Clint

There is also an unmodified long version. (It seems that you should refrain from looking at work etc.)
Oplosbare bikini's uncensored version (nsfw) | Clint

Three beautiful women in bikinis appearance.

Shooting in a swimming pool with an underwater camera.

It seems that trouble has occurred in swimwear.

It is overwhelming to say that it is completely soluble in water, but it seems that the swimsuit will come off as a part of the strap becomes brittle.

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