"Fire Ant" survives in the flood that huge hurricane produces as becoming an Ikada with a large group.

In the summer of 2017, it was reported that alien species "HIARI" was discovered at harbors in various places in Japan and being pursued for disinfestation response. A terrible fire ant that has strong poison and leads to death of animals, including humans, has a technique to survive and make a united cedar when flooding occurs.

Yes, That's a Huge Floating Mass of Live Fire Ants in Texas - The Atlantic

A huge hurricane "Herbie" that hit America / Houston at the end of August 2017 caused a flood at the level called "once in 500 years". There was also an estimate that the economic damage by Herbie hitting the Gulf Coast of Mexico reached 12 trillion yen, and it became a historical scale as a natural disaster in America.

In contrast to humans who can show powerlessness before the power of nature, there are animals showing rapid adaptation to harsh environments, and "Hiiri" is a typical example. Although Fire can not swim by itself, it can gather and become a large group and float the water surface by making "Ikada". A herd of flame that temporarily becomes an Ikada at the time of the flood can continue to drift on the surface for more than a week and is known for surviving by rebuilding a new colony based on a safe shore when it arrives on the safe shore.

It is confirmed that Fire is surprisingly survived even as a huge flood by Hurricane · Herbie as Ikada.

In the following tweets, you can check the fire ant roughly enough to fill the river of the flood.

YouTube has uploaded a scene of Ikada that was actually witnessed by Hiyari.

Floating fire ant colonies spotted on Houston floodwaters

After the huge hurricane "Katrina" that occurred in 2005, the evacuees of New Orleans had rushed to the hospital that a mysterious rash appeared on the legs and waist, but it was something that was damaged by the fire alive when flooding I already know. Linda Bui, Professor of Louisiana State University and others, to prevent colds from occurring due to the floodAgricultural chemical development programIt seems to be starting.

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